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Mar 3, 2010

How about some Retro Red?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am a total woman. I have the right to change my mind often and I often do. I have a defined style, but I am attracted to fun and beautiful things across the board. I can teeter-totter between romantic/historic and clean-lines contemporary.
Yet, my taste takes away and flies, and finds a comfy nest in the retro style. I love the 40's, 50's and 60's and everything that make them so unique (what happened during the 70's, I will never understand). So here's some hot red retro for you all today:
Stay tuned for more red tomorrow.
Have a lovely day!
CREDITS: retro kitchen; polka-dot mug; Betty Boop neon light box and clock; rain boots; bar chair; Crossley desktop phone; clock and pay phone; kids retro kitchen collection.


  1. Silvia darling, thank you for visiting my cottage and for the lovely comment you left behind, much appreciated. Your blog is bursting at the seams with loveliness. I just joined your followers and will visit you daily.

    Love & Hugs

  2. Love the children's red kitchen how cute

  3. I am really into that red phone! Something about feeling like you have some sort of an emergency hot line phone right at your fingertips! Marija

  4. Una lección de estilo.
    Maravilloso el rojo!

    Pasate en cuanto puedas por mi blog que tengo un precioso almohadon rojo que sorteo entre los 100 seguidores que contesten mas rápido.

    Sería maravilloso que lo pudieras poner en tu blog con tu perfecto inglés, para que pudieran conseguirlo también tus seguidores.

    Este sería el enlace donde dejar su comentario y tomar un número.

    Besos guapa ;)

  5. Pues si, Creatura. Por supuesto lo pondre en mi blog sin problema! Gracias. Lo veras manana.

  6. Thanks for visiting me! Your blog is fabulous!!! Following you now too :-)
    Cheers, Karen

  7. Thanks, Karen! Glad you stopped by!

  8. Wow! I love all this red energy. I to find myself drawn to it all of a sudden and I can't figure out where this sudden urge came from. I puchased a red umbrella, a red phone case for my iphone and today bought another scarf because it had just the right shade of red in it.
    Go figure! I love your posts, could look at them forever:)

  9. Thanks, Jeanne! I am a blue/green girl, but lately, same thing! Red accents everywhere. What's that all about? My new umbrella is also red, as well as my new awesome purse. There's something lively about it. Thanks for stopping by!