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Mar 4, 2010

Decora Tu Alma GIVEAWAY

Decora Tu Alma (Decorate your soul) is a beautiful blog from Spain. The wonderful blog author is promoting a giveaway. The blog is in Spanish but you can translate the page with Google Translation Services, located on the top right corner of her blog.

She will only consider the first 100 guests who comment on the offer and who are followers of her blog. She's giving away beautiful personalized gifts from La Cocina Digital (The Digital Kitchen).

You can see the offer here.


Good luck, darlings!


  1. You definitely have to check Elisa's blog! and her giveaway is amazing.

  2. Oh my goodness... love that settee! What a wonderful girl fix that would be for me on the daily! (given that I'm neck deep in testosterone with my 5 boys!) xo e

  3. Erica, 5 boys! How fun that must be.

  4. Hi . I just came over from Jeanne's blog... that settee is amazing... such a dreamy picture.. ciao .. Julie