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Mar 6, 2010

Hint for next week's posts - Have a great weekend!

Snow mixed with rain, almost all day. A little break during the weekend, and then rain and snow again next week. But I am a dreamer, and I dare to dream of the beach, my feet sinking in the wet sand while the cold water splashes my legs. But it is only a dream....

Thank you all for posting comments this past week! Have a lovely and relaxing weekend.
Now...back to dreaming about the sand, warm weather...water...spring, summer....oh yeah, that's better.

Photo by Daniel Farmer.


  1. Oh I am definitely dreaming of the sand, salt and the sea::)
    Oh ok....i'll just settle for a little sunshine and some spring flowers!!!
    Take care~

  2. A beutiful weekend to you! We have the sea our feet. But the sand is to cooold to be barefoot in. Soon though...soon!

  3. Have a lovely weekend! Definitely looking forward to some beach posts next week. Like you, I am much more of a blue/green person although I did enjoy red week! x

  4. Oh, to walk on a sunny warm beach right now would be heaven.

  5. I'm dreaming with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xo's Kristin

  6. Hope you are enjoying the weekend darling Silvia

  7. A dreamy weekend to you! xo

  8. perfect picture for this post :)