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Jan 30, 2011

Bathrooms for all tastes

Look at these....
Which one represents your style?

#1: The Paris bathroom...

#2: Urban-classic

#3: Hollywood Glam

#4: Great Chandelier

#5: Great view

#6: Spa

#7: Tuscan

#8: Luxury

I'm between the Spa and the Tuscan styles.
How about you?

Happy Monday, my loves!

Come back tomorrow for my first AWESOME giveaway 
(no, seriously, I think you'll like it).



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Jan 28, 2011

Office spaces CAN be pretty

I'm pretty organized when it comes to my home 
(a tad OCD at times) 
but my home office...

Let's just say that if I had a pet
and it got lost in my office,
I wouldn't be able to find it.

I needed some inspiration.
I needed to see a pretty and functional office.

Good thing I regularly visit

Erica was one of the first kind souls
to visit and leave comments on my blog
 when I was a newbie in this wonderful blog world,
almost a year ago.

She has impeccable taste. 
No wonder she's an interior designer.

Isn't this a fabulous window? Love all the natural light in this space.

I love the pop of color from the painting against 
the light colors on the wall and desk.

If you have some time, also check out her fabulous closet.

Thanks, Erica, for the inspiration.

How do you feel in your office?
Energetic? Confused? Organized? Frustrated? Calm? Inspired?

How do you want to feel?

Hugs and kisses, my loves.

Have an inspired day,

Jan 27, 2011

Gorgeous Homes

These images from homes in Rhode Island and New York 
were taken by the talented Jessica Klewicki Glynn from 

My favorites are the three last images. 

I love the paint color on those walls!

One of these days, my bedroom will look
like the one in the photo above (sigh).


Jan 26, 2011

Black and White Inspiration Board

Today, simple black and white inspiration...

What are your thoughts on Black and White?

More inspiration boards tomorrow.


Credits: white dress; all other images.

Jan 25, 2011

Thanks for the mention

I received an award last week from two wonderful blogger friends:

The sensational Anita from Castles, Crowns, and Cottages
the wonderful Lee Ann from The French Maid's Place

What an honor to be mentioned on their blogs.

I'm supposed to tell you 7 things about myself.
Here I go...

1. I am a total foodie. 

I giggle when I find a perfect chef's knife or a great piece of grass-fed beef 
(normally from Whole Foods where I now do most of my grocery shopping). 

Cooking is the art form that provides me opportunities to be connected to my heritage.

I live the 90/10 rule. 
Ninety percent of the time I eat healthily, 
the other 10 percent I eat whatever I want 
(especially French Macaroons!!!) 
and I truly enjoy the decadent 10% without a shred of guilt.

2. I am a planner and love taking care of the minutia of projects other people may find annoying
(hence my day job as a Program Manager).
I am a problem-solver by nature, so coming up with plans for weddings 
(how to feed 100 people within a budget and still have a buffet table that looks like a million bucks), 
or assessing project risks for clients is what I do best. 

 3. My favorite instrument: cello. 
Music inspires me. It moves me. It enlightens me. It gets to the center of my heart. 

I love ballet. 
I love movies that cause me to think, keep me at the edge of my seat,
or make me laugh like mad. Not a fan of horror films.

4. Some smells make me feel happy to be alive: 
Coffee, peaches, basil, rosemary, thyme, a fresh-cut lemon, orange flower blossoms. 

5. I love the character of older homes, and appreciate good craftsmanship. 

 6. I am a disaster when it comes to organizing pictures. 
I have over 2000 of them waiting for me in dusty files. 

I can't seem to decide the proper way to organize them 
(by year? by event? by...ugh...what!!!???) 
so I haven't done anything with them. 
Once I figure out a system, 
they will go on simple black pages with a few facts and notes. 

7. I have a thing about trees. 

I see trees move softly with the breeze as
I am walking and they stop me right in my tracks. 

I stare at them. 

I smile.

They somehow remind me that I am part of this wonderful human experience,
with limited time on this earth.

I want to make the most of it. 

I make efforts to live in the present,
and to remind myself to enjoy this very minute, 
this current challenge,
this one moment of happiness. 

Minutes are unique. 
I smile at all of them.
Like I smile when I see the trees, swaying in the wind. 

Life can be utterly wonderful, if we allow it to be.

So now...I am supposed to pass this award to 10 other bloggers that have inspired me during 2010.

For the sake of time (otherwise I will never publish this post!)
I am choosing four fabulous, creative friends:

1.  Annie from Firefly Hill Style

2. Diana from Express-O

4. Lisa from Lisa Go Lightly

Tell us 7 things we don't know about yourselves.

Can't wait to read about these wonderful women!

To them, this award:

Thanks for coming by,

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Jan 19, 2011

My fave Fotog

Here's my most favorite, 
best-est photographer in the whole wide world 
(in my humble opinion):

My daughter Camila.

Biased, me? Nah.

It's Camila's birthday today. 

I thought I would honor her by showing
some of her most recent
work as a professional photographer:

She's been featured on
amongst others.

Yes, I am a proud mom.

Happy birthday, baby girl!

And to you my loves:

Enjoy each moment with your loved ones,
celebrate life,
celebrate color,
celebrate creativity.


Jan 18, 2011

Happy chairs

The prints, oh my goodness, the lovely prints!

Being in the middle of a very cold winter over here, 
I want all the happy, cheerful colors and 
prints I can get my pretty little cracked hands on.

Aren't these lovely?

I'm looking forward to springtime.
The countdown has started.

I said I was going to enjoy the winter to the fullest.
I think I have.

But I think I mostly lied.

The lack of sunshine for the last three weeks may be getting to me.

To sunnier days and happy, colorful prints!

Enjoy your day wherever you are, my loves.

Kiss, kiss. Muuah!

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