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Jan 18, 2011

Happy chairs

The prints, oh my goodness, the lovely prints!

Being in the middle of a very cold winter over here, 
I want all the happy, cheerful colors and 
prints I can get my pretty little cracked hands on.

Aren't these lovely?

I'm looking forward to springtime.
The countdown has started.

I said I was going to enjoy the winter to the fullest.
I think I have.

But I think I mostly lied.

The lack of sunshine for the last three weeks may be getting to me.

To sunnier days and happy, colorful prints!

Enjoy your day wherever you are, my loves.

Kiss, kiss. Muuah!

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  1. I want one, I wish I could afford one!!! They are cheery.

  2. Son todas preciosas y coloridas,por supuesto que te acercan la primavera...ya falta poco....paciencia!! Que tengas lindo día!!

  3. I love LOVE the turquoise one in the top set! My walls are the gold of the bottom left chair... I might have to recover one of my slipper chairs tonight. LOLOL

    I love LOVE your taste. As for winter... come to Texas! It's 55 and sunny today!!!

    ;-D xoxo

  4. Love alll the chairs! have you seen the project i ahd worked on a chair

  5. One day, I am going to own a large, white upholstered, wing back chair. One day.
    Thanks for dropping by Silvia, and leaving a lovely comment. And, yes! I would be honoured if you were to do a post on our 'Lilliput Loft'. In fact I would be tickled pink, and so would my daughter, Jill.

  6. These are gorgeous and very fun. I hope spring comes to you soon Silvia. Have a wonderful day

  7. Love these, especially the black and white!
    --Lee Ann
    PS--I left you a little something on my blog...come see!

  8. PRECIOUS SILVIA!!!! Oh, I love all this CHEER GOING ON HERE!!!! My favorite chair? THE BLUE ONE OF COURSE!!!! And it is with great pleasure that I mention you in my post because you bring me so much joy! I just hope that my readers that do not know you come to see this happy place and may all the sunshine you seek come soon to us all!!! By the time my rooms are COMPLETELY DONE, spring will be that much closer. Things are looking like we can start moving in furniture in about 2 weeks...although, Minnesota's winters last longer than that!!!

    Happy happy moments of fun to you my dear, Anita

  9. and happier those who sit on them!

    I go for the elegant version...

    take care

  10. i especially love the floral! they are all beautiful though...



  11. Me encanta todo lo de anthropologie...y esas butacas dan ganas de que llegue el calorcito!
    Muchas gracias por tu visita!

  12. I really really really love all of these chairs so much. I really wish I had one. Maybe I'll put a picture of one on my inspiration board and think it into my life. :)