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Jun 23, 2010

Making an entrance

I was pulling out of my driveway today and started to look at my front yard.
I guess I focused so much on making changes inside the home
that I've neglected what others actually see the most. Eeek.
I realized my front yard lacks personality.
It's boring! There. I said it.

So now I need to do something about it.
I'm getting inspiration from these pics:
I could paint the front door turquoise and add a lush cascading plant...

Maybe I need some vibrant orange shutters against my home's brick walls...

or I can go with something "Secret Garden"-ish...

This totally reminds me of the homes in Buenos Aires...

Gotta love a sunny porch. So inviting, no?

Maybe I can hang planters and super bright fuschia flowers off my two front windows...

Whatever I choose to do, it's got to say "ME" all over. 
At it stands now, my home says I'm a boring person when I'm actually not.
I want to stand out in a "she's got a fab taste" kind of way.
Don't we all?

Any of these inspires you? 
Do you have any pics of your fab front yard/entrance you want to send my way? 
Send them to and I will post them.

Have a super lovely day. 
Muchas gracias for stopping by,

Jun 14, 2010

For the love of blue

What is it about blue that brings me peace, puts me in a good mood,
and invites day-dreaming? 
I tend to stay away from vivid, bold shades of blue and
gravitate towards those tinted by green
(teal, turquoise, aquamarine):

However, here are two bold shades of blue and red.
They work so well together. 
Stimulating...energetic...I feel like going out for a run...

Too much blue? Maybe...but somehow it works!
What do ya think?

Yes, I love turquoise. Almost to the extreme.

Maybe blue evokes lots of good memories of my days living on the southern California coast
or provoke dreams of future trips to beautiful, distant Seychelles.  A girl can dream.

Have a wonderful week!
Muchas gracias for stopping by,

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Jun 10, 2010

French and Italian inspiration

My European roots call me. 
I am drawn to the place where my ancestors roamed: Italy. 
And yet, the sophisticated yet carefree French style is an absolute favorite. 

I am repainting my room and chose a color palette similar to the trim and wall color here..

 Too bad I don't have a bed frame or headboard like this one...

My absolute most favorite color on this particular door.
Perfect ..Oh yes...

I just adore the look of this room...
sort of Gladiator meets Pride and Prejudice...

And this planter? Fabulous!
How about the antique-looking stenciling on this wall...
Someday I will have a backyard like this one.
                                                            Absolutely timeless. Paradise...
This reminds me of my fave place on earth...Tuscany.
Rustic elegance at its best...
And the juxtaposition of the delicate chandelier with the rustic table?
No words. Just love it:

What style inspires you? Cottage? Vintage? European? Coastal? A mix?
May you find things that serve as inspiration for a happy life.
Take care, my loves.

Muchas gracias for stopping by.

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Jun 3, 2010

Pink and Green Decor

The Lovely Trish at Pink Preppy Lilly Lover blog, challenged us to a Pink and Green Thursday.
I'm here to take the challenge as it is one of my favorite color palettes. Here we go, loves:

If I were to get married again, I would choose the above color combination even for a winter wedding (I know...they are summer colors but I am not at all conventional).

I can wear an all-black outfit but then add a lime green or a pink purse and voila. It seems I know what I am doing. This is definitely one of my fav color pairings.

Take care my loves. Muchas gracias for stopping by.
Have a great, inspiring, joyful day!
CREDITS: pink dress and flowers; drink pic; pink room; chairs; window and flowers pics; girl pic; gift wrap; table decor.