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Nov 22, 2010

Wallpaper Glamour

When it comes to wallpaper and fabrics, you can say 
Anna French is the queen of glamour.
En lo que se refiere a empapelados, se puede decir que Anna French is la reina del glamour.

I love the colors, the patterns, the shimmer. 
Her collections have helped me re-think my aversion to wallpaper.
Now I think I like it. 

Me encantan los colores, los patrones, el brillo.
Sus colecciones me han ayudado a dudar mi aversión al empapelado.
Me parece que ahora sí me gusta.

Look at these samples:

How about you?
Wallpaper fan or not?

Nov 19, 2010

Timeless: Black and White

I've been posting quite a bit lately about Black and White decor.
How can I not? 

I love the airy, fresh, clean look of white with the grounding effect of black.
Look at these beauties that also have a few touches of chocolate elegant!

All images by the talented Jessica Klewicki Glynn from Big Blue Photography.
I think I may keep the white walls I've been planning to cover with paint for so long. I guess it is true that if you wait long enough, what you have may be fashionable again :-)

May this weekend be everything you want it to be,

Nov 16, 2010

Christmas Wishlist

The beautiful and delightful Laura Trevey from Bright, Bold, Beautiful 
has asked us what's on our Santa List this year. I started to think and I want:

1.  These fab Christian Louboutin ankle boots ($775.00)

  2.These gorgeous tall Monolos ($1,550.00)
(yes, I have a thing for boots this year)

 3. This little Nina Ricci number 
for an amount very close to astronomical
(but dang! isn't it lovely?)

And then I woke up from daydreaming
I realized that though these things may be nice, 
I just want to spend a quiet and happy time with my family.'s kind of fun to think of what Santa may be able to afford this year. 
So this is my realistic Santa List:

What's on your list?

Nov 15, 2010

Simple inspiration

I'm SO loving these spaces today.

It could be that I know this will be 
a busy week for me...

so I'm looking for serene images...

Is it the white that evokes calmness?

 the patterns?

the simple, clutter-free decor?

Don't know what it is...but I love them all.
Happy Monday, my friends.

Thanks so much for visiting!

Abrazos (hugs)

Images via here and here.

Hold your horses please

I love Christmas as much as the next gal.
But...can we delay the Christmas madness
and celebrate Thanksgiving first?

Maybe it's because I grew up in a country where the Christmas tree 
didn't come out of storage until December 8th.

Or maybe it's because I get tired of listening
to Christmas songs on the radio, the office, and the stores for 8 weeks

I love the fall. 
I love the harvest. 
I vote for going back to giving 
Thanksgiving the place it deserves.

I am going to wait to jingle the bells and 
deck my halls until the day after Thanksgiving.

So bring on the pumpkins, and
the orange and earth tones of the fall. 

I'll be giving Thanksgiving the space it deserves,
some room all of its own.

Who's with me?

Have a lovely week, dear friends.

Nov 13, 2010

My weekend

This weekend...
I'll be cleaning my office 
so it can look more like this one...

I will share Sunday dinner with my family...

I will definitely enjoy a good cup of coffee...

I'll read a BOOK, which I haven't done in ages...

And I will just relax under a blanket...

I love weekends!
Enjoy yours.


Nov 12, 2010

Decor & Clothing Styles

I want to believe that my decorating and clothing styles are intimately related.

I love clothes that have a timeless look.
Feminine without being overly girlie.
Flirty without being too sexy.

For example (I love vintage clothing and Mary Janes!):

I don't like matchy-matchy, 
but rather I love to coordinate items 
and then throw something unexpected...
such as the blue vintage purse with any of those outfits,
or yellow and gray pillows in an all-white room...

or choose one wall and make it stand out with a vibrant color...

or add a bright set of lime green chairs just about anywhere...

What's your clothing/decor style? 
Are they related to each other? 

Happy Friday!

Abrazos (hugs!),

vintage clothing;
photo with yellow pillows; last two images.

Nov 10, 2010

Give me chocolate! (brown)

Yesterday, it was orange

Today, I'm totally loving chocolate brown 
as the grounding color for a room.

You can then add a crazy color 
(the one you are intimidated by, or think would never use) - 
in small quantities 
(a cushion/pillow, a vase, painting, or flowers). 
Chocolate brown is timeless. 
One of my fave base colors along with shades or gray and some soft blue/greens.

But probably my favorite chocolate brown item today....
(I have a thing for Mary Janes!)

Oh yeah.
Enjoy your day, have some chocolate.

Designer: Caitlin Wilson
Shoes: Zappos
Photography by Ashlee Raubach