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Jul 30, 2010

Another Friday with Camila

Wow...I haven't posted in one whole week.
Shame on me.

I think I need to manage my time better...
Between my full time job, zumba classes (having fun!),
and getting ready to open my Casabella store,
I may have been just a little over-scheduled, ya think?

In any case, last week I posted about my daughter Camila, the photographer. 

This is probably one of my favorite sets of the
shoots she's done lately:
I love the vintage feel and for goodness sake!

That table!!!
Like many of you, I adore turquoise, and aqua-ish colors)

Rustic and delicate mix like...

 I could drink a few of these right now ...

I love how whimsical this one appears to be...

 This one sadly reminds me I haven't read one single book since I started blogging!

You can visit Camila's site here.
Have a great weekend chicas!
Muchas gracias for stopping by and for your comments.

You are all fabulous!!!!!!!!

Come back next week for a whole week of
blue/turquoise/aqua inspired decor.

Jul 23, 2010

Favorite Fotog Friday - My Camila

Hello my wonderful friends.
Fridays are magnificent, aren't they?
So I want to post about something I adore: Photography.

And who is my fave fotog?
My darling daughter Camila, of course.
Fridays will feature Camila's work.
There are so many of the session's
she's taken that I love that I figured
I need one day a week to show them off.

So here's the first batch:
I love the sexy 1940's style!

And here's Camila...

I'm a proud mom, what can I say.

Have a wonderful weekend, lovely chicas!

Muchas gracias for stopping by.

Jul 21, 2010

Oi Soi Oi & the fab Ebom Blog

You know when you look at a post and your heart begins to beat faster with excitement?
That happened a few minutes ago when I visited one my of daily reads: EBOM Blog.

Isa from Madrid, Spain, is the fabulous author (blog in Spanish).

She links to this great place: Oi Soi Oi
How I didn't know about this, I have no idea.
Here are the beautiful pics Isa posted.
Go check out her blog here.

Look! Aren't these great?


Thanks, Isa for your wonderful post! I'm so happy I found your blog. 
And to you, dear loves, have a wonderful weekend! And muchas gracias for stopping by.

Jul 19, 2010

Flaunt your clothes

My mom used to tell me to put my clothes away, all the time.
I rarely listened, but as an adult, I watched too many Martha Stewart shows
and I have learned to be very organized, a tad OCD you may say.

Looking at these pics, I feel inspired to throw my clothes just 
casually on the bed and even take pics of them.

The seemingly unplanned yet organized mess looks fab.

I feel better about being bad sometimes...

You can say showing your feminine, soft, sexy clothes 
is a form of decor statement these days:

Muchas gracias for stopping by, my loves. 
Have an amazing, wonderful week.

Jul 14, 2010

Soothing Lavender

Mr. A and I run a 5K this past weekend. 
My legs still hurt a bit but I had such a great time. 

Good time...when sweating like crazy?

...the race was across a 4-acre lavender field. 
The aroma of lavender filled the air and made me forget the pain 
and very hot summer weather, even at 8:00 am. 
This is the field, isn't it lovely?
I purchased a bottle of wonderful lavender essential oil at the site of the race.
 I feel in heaven when I smell the amazing scent. 
I began to think how serene lavender can be for interiors too.
(Okay, I admit it, there's some purple involved in this post)

Look at these:

Hope you dream in color this week. Enjoy life!
Muchas gracias for stopping by.
Hugs and besitos (kisses),