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Jul 9, 2010

Still here

Nope. I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth. I've been super busy getting ready to open my 
Casa Bella Decor shop on Etsy, yay!!!

Do you know how it feels when something is so exciting that going to sleep only gets in the way 
and you can't wait for the morning to jump out of bed to continue to do it? 
That's how I feel about what I'm creating for my shop. 
This is my passion. It undeniably puts a ton of sugar and spice in my life.

And now...I would like to thank a wonderful chica who awarded  
Casa Bella with the Versatile Blogger Award (aww...)
 This woman is creative and beautiful, and her blog shows it.
Seriously, how can someone have such great taste is quite beyond my understanding. 
It's the super fab Liz at Le Passion for Fashion

I love the pics she chooses for each of her posts.
Go check out her blog, which I know will become one of your favorites (click the link above):

Now back to working on my creations. 
Have a fun, relaxing, uplifting, and inspiring weekend, my loves.
Muchas gracias for stopping by,


  1. Hi Silvia! I am patiently waiting for I know that it will be a delight to see what you have stored up for us!!! Anita

  2. Congratulation on your new shop! cant wait to see,i am in the process of opening my studio/store in Portland we speak so I totally relate to the feeling:)mY good wishes~Deepali

  3. Lo mismo para tí Silvia,que pases un gran fin de semana,

  4. Algo ha pasado con el comentario y solo ha sido el final.Te deseo mucha suerte con este proyecto que te tiene tan emocionada y que pasaremos a admirar en cuanto nos lo permitas,

  5. Bonjour Silvia,
    Anxious to see all the delightful things in your new boutique. I know it will be marvelous! I know exactly what you mean about being so excited about something you can't sleep...
    Bon week-end,

  6. AnonymousJuly 09, 2010

    Can't wait to see your new shop! So exciting! xo

  7. I truly cant wait for your shop to open...Have a wonderful weekend, my dear and congrats on the award:)
    Kisses and see you soon:)

  8. AnonymousJuly 09, 2010

    hola silvia!

    it gives me so much pleasure to have awarded you and your lovely blog. i'd do it again and again if i could. i am deeply touched and honored by your kind words, thank you so much.

    i am so excited for you and your upcoming etsy shop, way to go, congratulations! please let us know when it's up and running.

    have a magnifico fin de semana.


  9. I cannot wait to see what beautiful treasures will be in your shop! Congratulations on the award!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  10. Bonjour Silvia! Thank you dearest for visiting me! Yes, memories and MAKING them is our business! What else would we do....might as well each day count!!!

    Bisous, Anita

  11. Congratulations on your award!! You really have a beautifully versatile little corner in BlogLand! Can't wait to see the wonderful creations in your shop!! HHL

  12. Silvia,

    Isn't Le Passion for Fashion the best?! I just love Liz.

    I am anxiously awaiting your etsy shop! I can't wait to see all the goodies you have.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Opening up a shop is exciting! Can't wait to see it :) Congrats on the award too. I'll be checking out the blog you mentioned.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. How exciting! Can't wait to see your shop. Etsy is fantastic. I'm also very excited for you that you're going to build a new home. I would love to do that! Rachaelxx

  15. can't wait to see your shop! congrats on the award:)

  16. So excited about your shop, Silvia! Congrats on the award, and yes, Liz has a fabulous blog! XO!

  17. Silvia..thats so fantastic that you have found a job that you not only are passionate about..but cant wait to get out of bed to get started..again..and again. Look forward to the birthing of your new exciting..Good luck xo

  18. A new shop and an award...does life get any better than that??
    I can't wait to see and read it all!

    Best wishes for a fab day Silvia!

    Jeanne ;)

  19. wow Silvia great news!! I can't wait to check out your Etsy shop when its done...and hopefully feature it on my blog too =)

    all the best dearie....can't wait for you to open you shop now!!

  20. p.s p.s don't forget to check out my new giveaway contest