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Jul 14, 2010

Soothing Lavender

Mr. A and I run a 5K this past weekend. 
My legs still hurt a bit but I had such a great time. 

Good time...when sweating like crazy?

...the race was across a 4-acre lavender field. 
The aroma of lavender filled the air and made me forget the pain 
and very hot summer weather, even at 8:00 am. 
This is the field, isn't it lovely?
I purchased a bottle of wonderful lavender essential oil at the site of the race.
 I feel in heaven when I smell the amazing scent. 
I began to think how serene lavender can be for interiors too.
(Okay, I admit it, there's some purple involved in this post)

Look at these:

Hope you dream in color this week. Enjoy life!
Muchas gracias for stopping by.
Hugs and besitos (kisses),


  1. Yuppie to the race...I am so happy you did it:) well done darling:)
    Lavender is so special to me too...I even have a few plants on my balcony:)
    That kids bedroom is so cute:)
    Kisses sweetie and enjoy your week:)

  2. Una fotografía maravillosa. No me extraña que la haya inspirado.
    Un abrazo

  3. AnonymousJuly 14, 2010

    I want that lavender bedding and chandelier!! How great was that lavender field? xo

  4. How wonderful lavender images!!! I love the chandelier!!!!


  5. gorgeous photos of my fave color! you are a rockstar for running that 4k . go girl!

  6. I love lavender .. how amzing must it have been to be running in that field! Great for you, what an accomplishment 4K. I too am a fan of all things in the purple family spectrum, thankfully so is hubby.

    Your images are gorgeous! HHL

  7. Stunning as always! I can always visit your site and leave with a smile! Lovely. ;)

  8. gorgeous photos and lavender has to be one of my favorite colors this year....amazing images especially the fields of lavender i can almost smell them from here xxxx

  9. My absolute favorite ! lilac, lavender, chic isn't it
    I can't stop thinking about that chandie!
    Silvia, I heart this post!

  10. Silvia dearest, lavender is the color of calm and such grace....I am so torn between lavender, aqua and pink...oh dear, decisions!!!! LOVELY PHOTOS! Anita

  11. SO lucky! We moved, so i never got to do mine at the lavender farm :(
    Beautiful pictures :)

  12. Love that chandelier! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hi!


  13. WOW so beautiful!
    congrats on the marathon!! yay! por cierto a mi tambien me encanta carla bruni, como canta!! :) xoxo

  14. That field of lavender is so pretty!! And the picture of the first bedroom is so dreamy. I love the soft purples!

  15. Beyond gorgeous! I want to lift this whole post and put it up on my own blog! And the smell of those fields must have been amazing!

  16. I'm so glad you didn't call it a 'fun run' Silvia! But then again, when it's running through lavender...maybe it was! Beautiful photos, thank you.

  17. omg!! the lavender room is just so lovely!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  18. Dear Silvia, you almost made the smell of lavender come through my computer! Lovely post!

    Kristin :)

  19. I am in love with this use to be my favourite..then I became a blue girl..but you have me wanting more lavender in my life. xoxoxo Hugs for a great new week. xo

  20. This is a very nice color, a color you don't see often in homes, but I do. Yes, I have it in my bathroom... one of these days I would like to post it on my blog. Wow, a gorgeous Chandelier and the third photo really caught my eye... a very lovely room. I have a friend that grows lavender and uses it in different ways..... in fact she throws on a Big Festival that many people attend too.

    Much Joy*