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Jan 23, 2013

Loving Winter

A long time ago, I used to dread winter. The freezing wind that dried out my skin, the snow that made it easier for me to slip and fall, the cold weather that made it harder to go out for a walk, the fact that all I could see outside was either white snow or the brown and semi-dead naked tree branches. I wanted spring to come. I couldn't wait for it.

Thank goodness, us humans can change.

One day, I decided to stop being a complainer and instead I chose to start living and enjoying whatever the present day or the present moment happens to be, without judging it. Instead of looking for something better in an uncertain distant future, I began to appreciate the now. The change didn't happen overnight. I had to work at it...but now...

  • If it rains, great, I get to use my cute boots and that darling bright green umbrella I bought last year. 
  • If it snows, awesome. I make plans to go snowshoeing. 
  • I now love walking on the icy snow and hearing the crackling noise my boots make with each step. 
  • I love peeking through the window at night, like tonight, with the thermometer showing 20 below outside, and seeing the mass of sparkling snow in my backyard. It looks like someone sprinkled glitter over it. It's so spectacular. Can't see that in the summer. 
  • If it's freezing cold as it has been, I thank heavens I can be warm and cozy in my home or that I have a car that takes me from point A to point B without breaking down.
  • I make the most wonderful tea I can find, I savor it (even in a busy work day, there has to be time for tea...if only 5 minutes...for yourself). 

Hope this post serves as a reminder to live happily without letting bad weather get to you.

If you live or are visiting a warmer climate, great! Hope you enjoy that as well.

Wherever you are today, I hope you find something wonderful about the weather and the day you are experiencing. 

Cheers to you all from the west side of the Rockies.

Brrr... Serving myself more tea now...