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Sep 22, 2011

Thinking of fall

It's beginning to feel like fall
on this side of the Rockies.

So I'm thinking of...

strolling down the street dressed exactly like this (hair and all)...

and maybe dressed something like this the following day...
(there's something kinda flirty about this polka-dot dress)

 and if I had the legs for it, maybe also like this...
- Love the skirt -

 knitting one of these...
(boxes full of yarn are screaming for me to do it)

wearing this perfectly fabulous trench coat..ahh...
(and, yes, down the streets of Paris wouldn't be a bad idea)

...and maybe getting for myself this fab sweater.
Where did she get it?

And lastly, cozying up with a book on my fave chair.
I love iPads, but I need a book to feel coziness.

Hope that what you are dreaming of these days brings you joy.

Love to all you, my loves.
Stay inspired,

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Sep 15, 2011

Not quite goodbye to summer yet...

After a much needed break,
I'm back! with renewed energy and 
lots of ideas to share with you, loves.

I missed visiting your lovely blogs 
and reading your comments.

Though the summer was quite short here on this side of the Rockies, 
I enjoyed it to the max.
 Lots of time out playing...and visiting new places.

having a few impromptu al fresco dinners with Mr. A and the kids...

and wearing super fun summer clothing...

But now...
it's harvest time...
which gives me a chance to steal peaches from our tree 
or one bunch of grapes each day...

and Mr. A the chore to collect seeds of our best specimens
to sow next spring...

And even though I'm not thrilled that winter will come our way once again
(as this is the longest season in this area)...
I decided I'm going to enjoy each season for what it gives us
and have a blast, no matter what!

So I'm almost ready to start thinking of maybe contemplating 
the idea of possibly deciding to say goodbye to summer and to welcome the fall.

Because it means...

I get to buy an awesome pair of suede shoes...

Thank you, summer, for a wonderful time.
But not goodbye, not just yet.

I missed you friends!
I'll visit you soon!
Thanks for stopping by once again.

Kiss, kiss, and hugs.


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