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Sep 22, 2011

Thinking of fall

It's beginning to feel like fall
on this side of the Rockies.

So I'm thinking of...

strolling down the street dressed exactly like this (hair and all)...

and maybe dressed something like this the following day...
(there's something kinda flirty about this polka-dot dress)

 and if I had the legs for it, maybe also like this...
- Love the skirt -

 knitting one of these...
(boxes full of yarn are screaming for me to do it)

wearing this perfectly fabulous trench coat..ahh...
(and, yes, down the streets of Paris wouldn't be a bad idea)

...and maybe getting for myself this fab sweater.
Where did she get it?

And lastly, cozying up with a book on my fave chair.
I love iPads, but I need a book to feel coziness.

Hope that what you are dreaming of these days brings you joy.

Love to all you, my loves.
Stay inspired,

Credits: coming up soon


  1. Ah this post made me smile! I love EVERY picture you posted. Especially those two long coats. That first photo is great. I'd dress exactly like that too! :)

  2. beautiful images ~ seriously lovely ~ it makes me want to go and put on a trench and fall boots and enjoy the day!

  3. Lovely autumn inspiration! I can see you're a zumba addict! I am too!!! Good to have you back btw! Happy autumn!

    Love, Kristin

  4. Silvia lovely images that are making me think of autumn!! I adore that last coat!

    Art by Karena

    Do come and enter my Giveaway from the Jose Esteves Collection at Interieurs!

  5. I love your fashion picks, Silvia! The top three outfits are so stylish and pretty, they are absolutely inspirational!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway. Good luck!


  6. Good morning sweet Silvia!

    Everything is gorgeous, fabulous and I am just so glad that you are BACK!!!

    Off to school now....Anita

  7. So glad you are back! Love this post. Every image is amazing and gets me thinking of autumn. Like you, when I read a book I like to hold a book. Although, I do like an ipad for other reasons!

  8. you and me too my friend - glad to see you back, amiga!!!

  9. These are gorgeous! I love fall colors! And the fashion that comes with it. Have a wonderful start of the week, Kellie xx

  10. WELCOME BACK my friend!!! I have missed your wonderful posts. These are amazing and certainly a wonderful entry into autumn (my favourite season) ... wishing you a beautiful and blessed week..xo HHL

  11. Everything is so pretty over here always. I would love that polka dotted dress and everything else for that matter...that throw has be wanting to start my fireplace today and snuggle on the sofa all day long. oxxoxo Happy new week

  12. Such a lovely post

    and so fabulous images.

    You've actually made me wish and dream of wearing each and every outfit you've got up there ♥

    Oh and I love reading books too,
    and I mean actual books that I can touch the paper pages and put in a real nice bookmark ♥

  13. qué inspiraciones tan bonitas, dan ganas de ponerse ya el abrigo, aunque en mi ciudad parece que el verano no quiere irse.
    Bss Silvia!

  14. The selections are very beautiful. The models are gorgeous too. Nice photos!

  15. Wow. Those are all amazing. I LOVE that cream lace skirt. So pretty.