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Aug 13, 2010

Pretty kitchens

Family's coming over this weekend. 
I need to clean my house.

Usually, watching home improvement shows or looking at pretty images 
gets me in the mood to start getting my house in order. 

I need to clean my kitchen
which in NO WAY
looks like any of these...

But these are so nice...

Have a wonderful weekend!
I think I'll go to the movies first, I'll clean tomorrow.
Muchas gracias for stopping by,

Images source here

Aug 4, 2010

Blue crazy

Lately I've been blue crazy.

I'm painting my bedroom a shade of blue with a gray undertone.

But really, almost any shade of blue is dreamy to me
(except when it has too much purple in it).

So, here's a celebration of blue decor and blue inspiration.

Enjoy, you blue lovers out there...

Pops of green in the pictures with a great shade of blue on the wall...
clean, symmetric and serene. Lovely.
White and blue foyer. Love the chair...

Very Santorini-sh...
Blue, white, and black. Lovely.

Gotta love Ikea...
Yellow and blue.
Bold. Mediterranean gorgeous.

More blue tomorrow.

What's your favorite color to pair with blue?

Have a wonderful day.


Credits: bedroom; blue and white foyer; blue flower pots and blue and green bottles on table; living room; bookcase;
table setting.