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Aug 26, 2012

Enjoy your Sunday

Hope you are making great memories today.
Happy Sunday!


Aug 23, 2012

Laundry Hideaways

When I moved to the US from Argentina, I was amazed to find out that people here had actual laundry rooms to keep their washer and dryer and to perform their laundry duties.  
And such pretty washers!

Where I grew up, the washer was placed wherever there was room in the house,
Poor washer. 
And of course, the dryer was a wonderful human being, 
a.k.a "my mom", 
who would hang the clothes to dry with big ol' cloth pins. 

 Our laundry room now resembles a bowling lane, long and skinny. 
If I fit in it sideways, no one else does. I call it "cozy".

Let's face it:
it's a dungeon with white walls and
hand-painted leaves that reflect my 90's love for ivy. 
What was I thinking. 

 As I don't like to do laundry, it'll stay like that, possibly forever 
(I'd rather wash dishes, clean a toilet, or listen to a Justin Beaver song than do laundry - 
ESPECIALLY the part of putting clothes away! - If you like doing that, I already admire you). 

 Some of us dream with laundry rooms like these.... 

                                   However, if we don't have room for such fancies, 
how about these ingenious ideas to hide the machines 
that wonderfully clean and dry our clothes and whites....? 

 They have inspired me to at least paint over the nasty ivy leaves... 

See anything you like? 

 Stay inspired, loves. 


Aug 17, 2012

Friday Pretties

I am a lucky, lucky girl! 
I live just a few blocks away from Alice Lane Home

Though I'm much more of a
"I can make a nice lamp base out of that rusted planter" type of person,
 I still love really pretty things to mix with my very weird interesting creations. 
A few things from a good store, others from the Thrift store,
 others are garage sale finds that I convert into something else. 

 So here are a few things from Alice Lane that I find beautiful:

Plans for the weekend?
1. Finally finish and open my new blog! (I'm almost there!!!)
2. Harvest Day Family dinner on Sunday (pics on my new blog)
3. Farmer's Market shopping on Sat morning
4. Organize, clean, paint, paint, paint.
5. Laugh, smile, dance, sing, be happy to be alive.

Here's to an inspired and wonderful weekend to all of you!



Aug 16, 2012

The Elegance of Beige

In my previous post I commented about painting some of my rooms in
Sparkling Sage from Valspar. 

Nice, right?

Well...there's a boring side of me you can say. 

The walls that won't have the super cool and awesome
Sparkling Sage 
will get a dose of two shades... 

Dessert Fortress by Valspar...
and two shades lighter of that color which is basically, 
you guessed it...

BEIGE. ...

okay, you can stop yawning now. 

But I think it's actually a very nice and cool
(because it has gray undertones) color.

When on the wall, Desert Fortress
and the 2 lighter shades look like this 
(depending on the time of the day, 
the amount of light in the room and 
where that light is coming from - north, south, etc.):

For all the blog friends out there who love beige and
are proud of it, I join your ranks.

Yay for Beige!

So, are you a fan of beige, indifferent,
or do you fall asleep just
thinking about it?

Much love...


Images from: Pinterest, and

Aug 14, 2012

From Tendre Gris to Sparkling Sage

When people ask me what's my favorite color, my answer always is:
- "Blue and green".
Which shades? Is the next logical follow up.

And the conversation can then go into my boring recitation
of all the marvelous shades of these two very popular colors.

  When it came to painting my home, something I've been postponing 
for that last 10 years or so, it was difficult to decide on just one of them.

Until I bought my first issue of Country French Magazine and discovered 
the shade that marries my two favorite colors perfectly, 
with the addition of my beloved undertone: gray.

It's Tendre Gris.
O la la.

As the magazine article describes it:
"Tendre Gris morphs to green or blue depending on the light and the season."
 A thing of beauty.

So there I went checking every store in my area and online.
If I found an actual Tendre Gris it was completely gray when it dried on the wall.
Very dark and cold for my taste.

So after 34 paint samples (yes, that's the actual number), 
I finally found a color that works very much like tendre gris, at least for the kind of light 
I get in my bedroom and office:

Sparkling Sage (from Valspar).
I could show you the sample I found online, but it is, well, completely grey.

However, when it goes on the wall, it sort of looks like this:
or like this...

and during the afternoon hours or cloudy days, like this...

So at times blue, at times green, always sustained by a soft gray base.
I feel I'm in color heaven.
I see it on the wall. I smile. Yes, color heaven.

So what color is on your walls?
Whatever it is, I hope it matches the color of your dreams.
After all, it's something you look at many hours a day.
Make it beautiful.

Have a fabulous day.


Credits: Pinterest Country French Magazine