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Aug 14, 2012

From Tendre Gris to Sparkling Sage

When people ask me what's my favorite color, my answer always is:
- "Blue and green".
Which shades? Is the next logical follow up.

And the conversation can then go into my boring recitation
of all the marvelous shades of these two very popular colors.

  When it came to painting my home, something I've been postponing 
for that last 10 years or so, it was difficult to decide on just one of them.

Until I bought my first issue of Country French Magazine and discovered 
the shade that marries my two favorite colors perfectly, 
with the addition of my beloved undertone: gray.

It's Tendre Gris.
O la la.

As the magazine article describes it:
"Tendre Gris morphs to green or blue depending on the light and the season."
 A thing of beauty.

So there I went checking every store in my area and online.
If I found an actual Tendre Gris it was completely gray when it dried on the wall.
Very dark and cold for my taste.

So after 34 paint samples (yes, that's the actual number), 
I finally found a color that works very much like tendre gris, at least for the kind of light 
I get in my bedroom and office:

Sparkling Sage (from Valspar).
I could show you the sample I found online, but it is, well, completely grey.

However, when it goes on the wall, it sort of looks like this:
or like this...

and during the afternoon hours or cloudy days, like this...

So at times blue, at times green, always sustained by a soft gray base.
I feel I'm in color heaven.
I see it on the wall. I smile. Yes, color heaven.

So what color is on your walls?
Whatever it is, I hope it matches the color of your dreams.
After all, it's something you look at many hours a day.
Make it beautiful.

Have a fabulous day.


Credits: Pinterest Country French Magazine


  1. My darling friend,

    You do NOT know how much I have missed you. My heart went a-flutter this morning when I saw your COMMENT! and I both have the EXACT SAME LOVE JONES for blue and green. Even as a child, I would play this game with myself to try to figure out which color I prefered: GREEN OR BLUE. Well, I love them BOTH, like you!

    I have TWO issues of this fine magazine. I saw this current issue but never got around to getting it, but this TENDRE GRIS is in my FRONT ROOM! And I arranged this to happen by sheer accident. My studio off to the side is all gray and white, while this front area is in shades of tendre gris and accompanied by gold sconces and other embellishments. SO SUBLIME, n'est-ce pas?

    STAY WITH US DEAREST. I know your work is very demanding, but I love your world and keep connected. THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT and you are just so lovely!!!! BISOUS, Anita

  2. lovebug! - this has got to be one of the most relaxing posts to read - i feel so peaceful right now - my rooms are light purple, grey, blue, white, and magenta -- it's only been a few years with the colors but i'm sorta' ready to redo my living room already :o)

  3. Silvia so good to see you and thank you for visiting. I love, love this color....hmmm I may have to try a sample. It is a soothing and calming color. I really like how it changes with the light

    The rooms I want to change are my master bedroom and living/dining. The colors I have that I like are a deep teal/midnight blue,a soft lavender with blue undertones.

  4. That colour is simply stunning and the bedroom itself looks very relaxing. Most of our flat is painted cream and light coffee colour as we wanted to keep it very light but I'd love to try this shade one day for our bedroom. Muah, dear.

  5. Silvia dearest, I want to share a picture of my front room in tendre gris....send me a message via email and I will send you the pic:

    LOVE! Anita

  6. Yay, so happy you had a quick moment of peace and you where able to blog! Different shades of blue and green have always been my favorites as well. I miss my family room with the 'avacado' green walls, and my bedroom with the light blue turquoise walls. Love the colors here as well!

  7. So happy to see you, mi amiga! What a gorgeous color! I am loving blues and greens and was just looking for a color for my son's bedroom walls! Mm-hmm, I think I have found it! Do you think it would work with a navy blue dresser? :D

  8. Hey Silvia! It's great to see you again :) I hope your summer is going well. Here it is flying by way too fast. Before you know it the holidays will be here...ugh ...way too much stress.

    I just love the blue and green combination in the photo of the pencils. They are so perfect together and so happy and lively, although I don't think I would be brave enough to paint an entire room in them. I tend to like the more muted shades.

    Thanks for sharing! Until we blog again... be happy and well