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Aug 23, 2012

Laundry Hideaways

When I moved to the US from Argentina, I was amazed to find out that people here had actual laundry rooms to keep their washer and dryer and to perform their laundry duties.  
And such pretty washers!

Where I grew up, the washer was placed wherever there was room in the house,
Poor washer. 
And of course, the dryer was a wonderful human being, 
a.k.a "my mom", 
who would hang the clothes to dry with big ol' cloth pins. 

 Our laundry room now resembles a bowling lane, long and skinny. 
If I fit in it sideways, no one else does. I call it "cozy".

Let's face it:
it's a dungeon with white walls and
hand-painted leaves that reflect my 90's love for ivy. 
What was I thinking. 

 As I don't like to do laundry, it'll stay like that, possibly forever 
(I'd rather wash dishes, clean a toilet, or listen to a Justin Beaver song than do laundry - 
ESPECIALLY the part of putting clothes away! - If you like doing that, I already admire you). 

 Some of us dream with laundry rooms like these.... 

                                   However, if we don't have room for such fancies, 
how about these ingenious ideas to hide the machines 
that wonderfully clean and dry our clothes and whites....? 

 They have inspired me to at least paint over the nasty ivy leaves... 

See anything you like? 

 Stay inspired, loves. 



  1. Good morning Silvia!

    That is one one of the house that is lacking taste, my laundry room! But my washer and dryer are in the BASEMENT of the house, a space that is devoted to my art I doubt if I will ever have a lovely space to wash!

    GREAT PHOTOS and again, it is so nice to see you back in blogland!!! Anita

  2. my 'laundry room' is in my basement and it's sorta' scary down there - i haven't finished the basement yet - but i DREAM of a 'real' laundry room - 1 day *sigh*

  3. Oh Silva, it is so nice to see your visit!!! Yes my dear, as I am getting older, do you believe that I am actually feeling YOUNGER? It is that sense of observing at a slower pace, looking, and I mean, REALLY LOOKING at the seasons and what they offer that is making me stop and smile, wonder and create. Thank you for visiting my site and truly, I need to do something with my laundry space to inspire me to at least FOLD my laundry when it is done in the dryer!!!

    MUCH LOVE! Anita

  4. I'll tell you a secret. I raised my man-child to think he is supposed to wash his own clothes. IF sometimes he forgets he's supposed to be washing his own clothes, I "accidentally" dye everything pink...

    then he's back to doing his own laundry. LOLOL

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you are back - AND painting the ivy leaves! LOL