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Aug 16, 2012

The Elegance of Beige

In my previous post I commented about painting some of my rooms in
Sparkling Sage from Valspar. 

Nice, right?

Well...there's a boring side of me you can say. 

The walls that won't have the super cool and awesome
Sparkling Sage 
will get a dose of two shades... 

Dessert Fortress by Valspar...
and two shades lighter of that color which is basically, 
you guessed it...

BEIGE. ...

okay, you can stop yawning now. 

But I think it's actually a very nice and cool
(because it has gray undertones) color.

When on the wall, Desert Fortress
and the 2 lighter shades look like this 
(depending on the time of the day, 
the amount of light in the room and 
where that light is coming from - north, south, etc.):

For all the blog friends out there who love beige and
are proud of it, I join your ranks.

Yay for Beige!

So, are you a fan of beige, indifferent,
or do you fall asleep just
thinking about it?

Much love...


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  1. Silvia it is gorgeous in your images; for myself I am just tired of it and want a change for living dining.

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artist Series featuring Harrison Howard


    GRAY = GREIGE and I am mad about it. WHY? It serves as a soft backdrop for EYE-POPPING objets d'art such as chandeliers and other vintage finds! BEAUTIFUL MY DEAR.....I am in total agreement here! Anita

  3. yea - not a fan of beige at all ... but i know it's works great when done right - so i know if u use it - u'll SO pull it off!

  4. Me encanta el beige, los colores pasteles y no creo que sean aburridos para nada.
    Beso y buen fin de semana!

  5. Sometimes when I walk in my house and have to put my sunglasses back on... I admire you and your beige. LOL

    I have totally surprised myself by painting 3 walls in my bedroom white. Does that count? Of course... the 4th one is black. The biggest one... then I have some red lockers and various other things...
    the important thing is, I have 3 white walls.

    Can't WAIT to see your beige walls! xoxoxo