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Aug 17, 2012

Friday Pretties

I am a lucky, lucky girl! 
I live just a few blocks away from Alice Lane Home

Though I'm much more of a
"I can make a nice lamp base out of that rusted planter" type of person,
 I still love really pretty things to mix with my very weird interesting creations. 
A few things from a good store, others from the Thrift store,
 others are garage sale finds that I convert into something else. 

 So here are a few things from Alice Lane that I find beautiful:

Plans for the weekend?
1. Finally finish and open my new blog! (I'm almost there!!!)
2. Harvest Day Family dinner on Sunday (pics on my new blog)
3. Farmer's Market shopping on Sat morning
4. Organize, clean, paint, paint, paint.
5. Laugh, smile, dance, sing, be happy to be alive.

Here's to an inspired and wonderful weekend to all of you!




  1. I adore that first photo. The pillow is gorgeou! I love mixing styles and price points.

  2. Silvia so many lovelies; it looks to be a wonderful shop! Have a great weekend!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artist Series featuring Harrison Howard

  3. All lovely especially the cushions - beautiful prints.

  4. OMGOODNESS these are lovely finds my sweet! AND IT IS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN! You can do it!!!! Anita

  5. Lovely finds! I hope your plans all came through especially point number 5... Christa

  6. I love all of this actually!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see your new blog!!! I'm working on a new one myself :)

    Kristin xx

  7. I should come visit you so we can go shopping there. LOL DANG! Hey - I'll even help you paint, smile and sing!!!