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Oct 5, 2012

Cozy Friday

Temps are going down quite gradually in our area.
The air is crisp. The skies are blue. Leaves have turned an incredible fire red.
I want to drink tea...

Gives me a cozy feeling.

Enjoy your Friday

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Oct 2, 2012


We are having the most perfect weather here, west of the Rockies. 
I love October! 


 To a wonderful month for you all.


Sep 29, 2012

Paris in print

It's a happy day when I stumble upon something wonderful. 
Today was one of those days. 
During my blog hopping, I found this fantastic shop: 
The Paris Print Shop

The owner is the talented Nichole, author of the popular blog Little Brown Pen
 Look at these fabulous prints and post-cards:

 They would certainly brighten up any space.
O la la.

Happy weekend, loves.


Sep 28, 2012

Polka dot Friday

I have two pesky meetings to attend today. 

I'll be wearing polka dots to make the day more fun. 

Enjoy your Friday, with or without polka-dots. 

Besos, loves.

Sep 25, 2012

Playing with white

I remember my pre-blogging days when I fulfilled my brain's daily needs for decor and color 
by watching the shows on the Home & Garden channel. 

I was addicted, even when I allowed myself to feel that my home was somehow 
uncool for having white walls. The message was "color, color, color!"
 I remember designers even sometimes making fun of homeowners for not feeling the need for color. 
 Then, and thank goodness for us, we started visiting blogs that featured homes from all over the world. 

I discovered my love for French Country and Tuscan styles as well as 
(who knew?) Gustavian and Nordic. 
 I started to see, like many of you, that white walls were not only acceptable 
but also beautiful and that they offered a new view on what chic and fresh can be. 
 They gave me the validation I was secretly looking for. 

 I find the rooms in this Scandinavian home absolutely inviting, 
with an air of elegance that seems to happen naturally. 
I love the subtle touches of blue.

Only the walls in this last room are painted blue
(and let me say, what a beautiful shade of blue that is...very Gustavian!)

I adore the wood floors, white or natural. Very lovely, wouldn't you say?

So...for favor of white, not at all, or somewhere in between?


Credits: source

Sep 23, 2012

Hello Autumn

September weather on this side of the Rockies is what I define as just about perfect.

The air is crisp, the sun is a deep golden yellow, 
harvest it at full swing, and signs of Halloween celebrations begin to appear. 

I love, love, love it. 

Welcome, dear Fall.
 I'll enjoy every single wonderful day of dreamy,
cozy weather while you are here... 

It's time for...

And, I'm happy that this means
it's time for a new pair of these... ;-)

What do you like the most about autumn?


Sep 21, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Oh, dear summer. 
The calendar tells me it's the last day you'll be here this year -
in the northern hemisphere.

I'll miss you 'cause I had so much fun enjoying...

I rode a wave runner while at Lake Tahoe this summer.
Laughing my head off as I rode the waves at full speed 
(and I don't like speed..., so yeah, that was a first).

Goodbye, summer.
I had SO much fun. 
While I enjoy the wonderful, golden autumn days
and later I cozy up during the very cold winter on this
side of the Rockies, I'll think of you, fondly.

Thanks for the good times.
See you next year.

Have a wonderful Friday, loves.
Whatever season may be where you are.

Credits: All images via my Pinterest boards