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Sep 21, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Oh, dear summer. 
The calendar tells me it's the last day you'll be here this year -
in the northern hemisphere.

I'll miss you 'cause I had so much fun enjoying...

I rode a wave runner while at Lake Tahoe this summer.
Laughing my head off as I rode the waves at full speed 
(and I don't like speed..., so yeah, that was a first).

Goodbye, summer.
I had SO much fun. 
While I enjoy the wonderful, golden autumn days
and later I cozy up during the very cold winter on this
side of the Rockies, I'll think of you, fondly.

Thanks for the good times.
See you next year.

Have a wonderful Friday, loves.
Whatever season may be where you are.

Credits: All images via my Pinterest boards


  1. Nice one! A farewell, more like an a riverder ci to Summer. I will miss watermelons too!

  2. IT WAS indeed a fabulous one.....inside and out, in the "real" world as well as in Blogland and PINTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh Sylvia, it is truly so good to see you back with your lovely posts! We can still enjoy the sights and smells of autumn.....IMAGINE!!! Anita

  3. Oh those chestnuts and all the natural colors here are SIMPLY WONDERFUL!

    My dearest one, it is so wonderful to see you in Blogland again, because it is HERE that we find like-minded hearts. It is striking to me how many people in every day life off the internet have not found joy in creating or sharing....a very wonderful gift we have HERE. Keep sharing your lovely view of life with us!

    And thank you for the confirmation to me that what I write is of significance; I love to write, I want to write better and reach the world through the conventional way of being published. Yes, it is hard, near IMPOSSIBLE. NEAR, not totally.....

    Be well, press on! Anita