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May 24, 2012

Back to Business


After what felt like an eternity to me, I'm back to blogging...

I had taken a job that ended up taking over my life.
No time for exercising, going to the movies, or enjoying life, much less for blogging.

I have missed you!!!!

So finally I've changed my work situation so I can enjoy life again.

I can't wait to start visiting your blogs again 
and seeing what you all have been up to.

My come back post is about a store
I seem to gravitate towards a lot lately
(maybe their daily ad emails is having an effect on me...hmm...)

It's Joss and Main Their prices can be somewhat high on some items,
but quite reasonable for most of them.

Some examples of the types of items they carry:

this Brimfield-Inspired Apothecary Chest...

 ...this mother-of-pearl pillow (isn't it gorgeous?)
...this Louis chair....

...this 3 piece fleur-de-lis finial set...(in blue, yay!)
...this shell mosaic mirror...(elegant)
..this fleur pendant... (Unique.
I love the industrial look that could really work well with many decor styles)
...or maybe this one is more your taste...
 ...this very chic room divider...

...or how about this 3 piece Kaho jug set...

or...this Lexington Bombe chest (I love this one!)
 They also have stuff for everyday use...
like this re-usable Moroccan style lunch bag...
 ...or something every girl needs...
a leather briefcase (love the color!)

Hope you go check it out and find something that inspires you.

I am SO HAPPY I am back and I will be visiting you all, my dears!
Happy Thursday!!!!