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May 24, 2012

Back to Business


After what felt like an eternity to me, I'm back to blogging...

I had taken a job that ended up taking over my life.
No time for exercising, going to the movies, or enjoying life, much less for blogging.

I have missed you!!!!

So finally I've changed my work situation so I can enjoy life again.

I can't wait to start visiting your blogs again 
and seeing what you all have been up to.

My come back post is about a store
I seem to gravitate towards a lot lately
(maybe their daily ad emails is having an effect on me...hmm...)

It's Joss and Main Their prices can be somewhat high on some items,
but quite reasonable for most of them.

Some examples of the types of items they carry:

this Brimfield-Inspired Apothecary Chest...

 ...this mother-of-pearl pillow (isn't it gorgeous?)
...this Louis chair....

...this 3 piece fleur-de-lis finial set...(in blue, yay!)
...this shell mosaic mirror...(elegant)
..this fleur pendant... (Unique.
I love the industrial look that could really work well with many decor styles)
...or maybe this one is more your taste...
 ...this very chic room divider...

...or how about this 3 piece Kaho jug set...

or...this Lexington Bombe chest (I love this one!)
 They also have stuff for everyday use...
like this re-usable Moroccan style lunch bag...
 ...or something every girl needs...
a leather briefcase (love the color!)

Hope you go check it out and find something that inspires you.

I am SO HAPPY I am back and I will be visiting you all, my dears!
Happy Thursday!!!!




  1. AnonymousMay 24, 2012

    Silvia!!! Glad to see you again, mi amiga! I adore Joss & Main, their collections are wonderful - looking forward to more of your beautiful posts!

    1. Darling, I just tried to leave a comment on your blog, but I couldn't do asked me for my Wordpress username. Do I need to be signed in to Wordpress to leave a comment on your blog?

  2. Love everything here (and my cat would love to eat all the buttons off that pillow) - I have been looking for a bombe chest for ages, some day I'll find the perfect one!

  3. Silvia I am so happy you are back as well, we have misses you.

    So many interesting items on Joss and main! Love both of the chests!

    Thought you would enjoy...Interview with Leslie of Segreto Finishes and her fabulous Book Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  4. Oh my....OH MY!!!!!! When I saw your comment last night, I tell you, I literally skipped into my kitchen with a chipper feeling in my heart!!!!!! SYLVIA MY DEAR!!! I cannot tell you here how excited I am to know that you are back. I have missed your kindness, your blogging posts and YOU so much. YOU TOO HAVE QUIT YOUR JOB?????? HALLELUJAH! SO HAVE I! I have to however, since I am a teacher, finish my job until June 8. I put in my resignation in April for the SAME REASONS as you have! What is it that you were doing? Teaching today is getting more and more demanding in a ridiculous way for both students and teacher. I am going to follow the dream to write and create art. Crazy, risky but it is what I need to be doing.

    My dear heart, I am FOLLOWING YOU and I so thank you for coming to let us know you are BACK !! And for these products? Oh my, they are just stunning.

    Be well, relax, get your life back and WE LOVE YA!!! Anita

  5. You are back and that is great! I hope your life comes back to normal and that you have more time for yourself! Christa

  6. Bonjour ma belle!

    Sylvia, it really is so good to see you back in blogland. It is sometimes so very sad to not find old friends again, never to come back. People with whom you have built a correspondence with suddenly disappear.....which is normal, I guess. But thank you for visiting again!

    I SO AGREE WITH WHAT YOU SAID about growing older. WISDOM off-sets the wrinkles of time and is what is to be SO CHERISHED. I too believe that what makes a woman graceful is not the swagger of youth, but the firm footings of a confident woman. It is so wonderful to KNOW that the decisions you make are your OWN and no one else has to torment you for them. I wish you so much peace and SUCCESS on your new adventure of finding and DOING what you are MEANT TO DO!!!

    Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend! BISOUS! Anita

  7. schöner Blog, bei mir läuft momentan eine Blogvorstellung, vielleicht möchtest du ja mitmachen, würde mich freuen :), liebe grüße:*

  8. Gracias por tu comentario!!, todo fabuloso!!

  9. So lovely to have you back, my dear:) Kisses and hugs

  10. YAY to J&M - there's a few times i almost pulled the trigger on a few things - but i held back - i still need to purge A LOT of stuff - so i'm trying not to add to all my 'stuff' already .. missed ya girl!

  11. Silvia welcome back! extrañaba tus posts:)
    Beso grande!

  12. Dear Silvia, how strange. You just described my situation. I also took a job that was just too much for me. After some good choices my life is back in business and I have also started to exercise again. Hope you're having a wonderful week :)

    love, Kristin

  13. Welcome back! It feels great, right? I too just returned after an insanely busy spring. Loving the orange leather briefcase...gorgeous! xoxo

  14. Hi Silvia,
    It is so great to see you again! Yay!!! I am glad to hear you have a life again..Yay!! All those items look so yummy...glad I am not close to this would be major trouble for me...well actually for the hubby :) LOL!!!
    I'll be back to see you again soon. I hope you are enjoying blogging again..enjoy :)


  15. I want an apothecary in my house. They are so beautiful. Happy for you!!!

  16. I´m happy your are back!!

  17. Bienvenida SIlvia !!!!!


  18. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    I am in love with all of those items. the comode, the pillow. stunning!!!

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  20. *sigh*

    i'm just missing you....