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Jan 20, 2012


If you´d open my pantry, you´ll probably either:
1. laugh
2. call the producers of the show "Hoarders" and do an intervention on me
3. get knocked over by and buried under the many little plastic containers,
plates, lids, food items, and spices that will inevitably
fall on your head all at once as soon as you open the door.

Yeah. That bad.

If you are in a similar situation or have plans to organize your pantry, look at these.
They are my inspiration for the weekend:

I love the neutral tones on the examples above 
and also that the shelves seem very sturdy. Never mind how incredibly spacious they look.
Having so many drawers in a pantry would be a dream come true for me.

Is your pantry organized?
Can you find anything quickly when you need it?

Hopefully, I'm not the only human being that realizes  
(when finally organizing the pantry) that I have enough flour to make bread 
for the country of Sweden for the next 10 generations.
I keep on buying things I already have because the ones I have,
I can't find. I know they are there. Just not when I need them.

So...guess what my plans are for this weekend? (among other things).
If you have any organizational tips you want to share, 
comment away!

Happy Friday, loves!



Credits: The Paper Mulberry on Pinterest


  1. When growing up we had a butlers pantry like the first one it was glorious. Now I have one like yours! As I open the door I put my hand out to stop it all falling! If I had some tips (other than throwing away everything you haven;t used in the last six months!) I would do mine too!!!
    Have fun, hope you find some exciting things in there!! xx

  2. SO MAGNIFICENT. I just found a great picture last night from the Paper Mulberry as well!!! HUGS DEAREST! Anita

  3. I so hear you - I just re-organized my pantry but at one point we had 7 bottles of vanilla extract. insane :D

  4. Such great inspiration! My pantry is not very big and we have a love hate relationship:)

  5. We have been a similar situation as you ... holding things from falling; buying duplicates (etc.) ... I can't wait to finally have the walk in pantry ... hopefully by summer'e end. At which point ... starting fresh is going to be the way to go. Happy week-end.. xo HHL

  6. i WISH i had a pantry - just kitchen cabinets - maybe ONE day!!!

  7. Qué maravilla¡¡¡ Buen fin de semana¡¡¡


  8. Divinas las fotos Silvia, me encanta tu blog!
    Soy Ana, te gustaron las fotos, que suerte! Son de Olivos algunas y de Martínez otras. Vos sos Argentina, verdad? Cuando vengas te llevo a recorrer mi barrio, te vas a encantar!

  9. These are stunning...I do try to keep my pantry looking I have a glass door to it. I have my collection of pink and turquoise preyex displayed in always makes me smile. xoxoxo Hugs for a great weekend. xoxoxo

  10. These are gorgeous inspirations! Loving the last one. Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  11. I found you through La Varieté. Your blog is gorgeous and I have signed in as your new followers and will add you on my lovely blog list. Looking forward to seeing more! Have a nice weekend! Christa

  12. Sylvia, I SO LOVED YOUR COMMENT about IS FREE and NO CALORIES! Now if that is NOT an incentive to cut down on my caloric intake, I don't know what is! I would much rather dream and create than eat that extra should try this! THANK YOU DEAREST FOR YOUR VISIT AND I am so glad that you are back to blogging!! Anita

  13. Pantries get disorganized so easily, as you grab spices and herbs to add to your dish you always end up messing everything up. These are great inspirational images and I think I just might clean up my pantry this weekend as well :)

    Stop by my blog if you can

  14. I love pantries. Unfortunately I haven't got one yet. The first pic with the ladder seems to be fantastic...

  15. i have an organized pantry but an extremely boring looking one...i need to re model it along with my kitchen eventually n d bottom pic wud be like a dream come true!!

  16. Unas imágenes preciosas y super finas, me encantan!!

  17. Such gorgeous inspiration. Love the first image with the white china, and wonderful ladder!!

  18. Hi Silvia,
    I am stopping by to say hello:) I hope things are going well for you. It's so funny about your pantry, mine is like that too. It is very hard to keep it organized, as hard as I may try! Labels and containers help in the beginning but if you don't follow the system you might as well chuck it out the window :) LOL!! You have given me some inspiration to get cleaning, thanks, I think...Haha!!

    I hope you are having a wonderful day. I hope to see you again soon. Next time I hope to be back sooner...where does time go anyway??


  19. Sure wish mine looked like this, too! Hope you have a lovely evening!


  20. I also have lots of organizing to do over the weekend...

    Hugs & kisses from South Florida,

  21. We are in the same boat, even after organising it all neatly in Tupperware containers it still bulges at the seams... it appears we need a bigger pantry!!

    :) Hazel

  22. Hello my darling,

    I popped in to wish you a day filled with love and to let you know I truly appreciate all those lovely words you left for me while I was away.

    Love & Hugs

  23. You had me with that sliding ladder ! Always love your posts. Wishing you a beautiful day ! Lisa

  24. wow I am so excited I found your beautiful sight which I am now all the tablescapes...I do love tablescapes with sight lines and wow you have so many pictures with that exact thing...I have to go look some more...come on over for a visit and maybe you will want to join me..phyllis

  25. Oh this rang a bell!!!! I have 7 packets of basil...and I don't even like it much!!
    I will do my pantry this weekend thank you for the little push!!!

  26. Those are FABuLOUS pantries!