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Jan 11, 2012

Non-goals for 2012

I normally don't set goals at the beginning of the year.

Okay, that's a lie.
I do...sort of, but I don't go nuts
nor beat myself up if I don't get to accomplish them.

 Okay, that's another lie.

However, I am much better now than I used to be at
forgiving myself when failure seems to stare me in the face.
The road to success can have patches of failure scattered all around.
The key is to just keep going.
I get that now, most of the time anyway. I think.

So instead of calling goals "goals",
I call them my "plans" for 2012.
Yes, the word "plan" seems to have a sense of continuity. I like it.

All right this year, I plan to...

Here is to a new year, a new beginning, and renewed focus.

What's YOUR number one goal plan for this year?

Thank you for stopping by, loves!


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  1. Fantastic post, very enjoyable, inspiring...wishing you all the very best...start your food blog asap..the world is waiting!!!!! tight hugs chelsea!

  2. Feliz Año !!Muchos y saludables propósitos!
    Un nuevo blog...estaré atenta por si lo llevas a cabo

  3. LOVE! LOVE! these and I too use the word plan!! When I worked in corporate we "Planned" the year ahead, but modified as needed .. so I chose the word "plan" for my Life Plan too!! Your 2 and 3 plan I'm so working on as for embracing the natural curls I'm almost there ~ alternating curling and blown straight styles regularly.

    I really liked your "anyone can look amazing" image... would it be alright if I used it on my side bar? I would of course put a link back to this post or your blog(you let me know which you would perfer).

    YES! YES! a food blog would be amazing, I say go for it! With your wonderful creativity, I can only imagine all the wonderful delights you would be tempting us with!! Wishing you a wonderful day! xo HHL

  4. Fabulous non-goals!! I am in love with your two favorite colors, as well!

  5. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING HERE SILVIA! I just have to work on the one where I embrace my curves. I have always been a tomboy on the inside but a curvy girl on the outside...eeeeeeeekkkkk! But I surely highlight it with fab clothes and heels, jewels and other makes me feel GOOD!


  6. Silvia, mucha energía para este 2012, qué sigas así. Feliz año¡¡¡


  7. Good morning precious Silvia,

    NOTHING WE DREAM OF IS IMPOSSIBLE. I was just telling a colleague yesterday that my "final frontier" dream is to become a writer. I have done everything else in my life that I set out to do, with struggles, but I have done them. But when discouragements come, I do cry, I say, "IT IS IMPOSSIBLE" and then a small voice tells me to just keep on pushing. I then realize that I have nothing to loose because IF I never publish, the exercise of faith to keep working at it and the JOY I get out of it is what will be inscribed not on published pages, but on my character and soul. Live on dearest one and THANK YOU FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL BLOG, that I have been waiting to see come alive again! Anita

  8. Wow this is truly inspiring! I adore your 2012 plans - and I am inspire to do them all. Hmmm a food blog, yeah you should start it! Pretty please, I need some guidance with health food cooking!

    Happy 2012 friend!
    Hugs & kisses from South Florida,

  9. Muy inspiradoras tus resoluciones para el 2012!Feliz año!
    beso grande!

  10. Can't wait to see your food blog!!!!!

    Kristin :)

  11. These are amazing and such wonderful things to live by! Mine is to be more fearless and so far it is working out beautifully! Love the one about the makeup artists haha it made me laugh!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  12. awesome plans dear!! i cant wait to follow ur food blog now...pls make sure u share some veg recipes too :)