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Jan 17, 2012


It's no secret that I love adore am head over heels
about two beautiful European regions:
Tuscany and Provence.
 I love rustic elegance.
It feels so comfy, so homey, cozy, lived in, historical,
inviting, and okay, I can go on and on
 (yes, go ahead, you can yawn if you are bored at this point).

Tuscany and Provence remind me of the places
where I grew up in Buenos Aires and also of my European ancestors.
The images below are of L'Ambiance,
a gorgeous, vacation home
located in the 17th Century village of Goult,
in the Luberon region of Provence.
You can actually stay in this place for the not so small sum
of 4,500 Euros per week. Ouch.
And again...ouch.

I wish I could imitate this same style in my home.
For instance, look at this amazing stucco structure around the fireplace:

Calming neutral tones, upholstered chairs, and
an understated stone/tile floor. I'm in love.
Here's another view of that room
where you can see the exposed ceiling beams.

A beautiful stone wall serves as the backdrop
for the wrought iron canopy bed in the master bedroom...

This is a great example of what I mean by rustic elegance:
A neutral palette, tile floors, a graceful ladder-back chair,
a simple window, and an attractive bathtub.
No fuss, no clutter.
No glam, no sparkle.
But for me, this bathroom still shines...

The rest of the home is as inviting, including the outdoor spaces...

And as if the charm in this home
wasn't already's surrounded by this...

All I have to say is
Vive la Provence!
 I now want one of those bathtubs.



All images from here


  1. how gorgeous - i would totally love to live in a place like that. or ok, fine, just NEAR a place like that ;D

  2. These homes are so beautiful..and the towns just as lovely...sigh! Thank you for sharing...xoxox

  3. Lo has recreado muy b ien. Preciosas fotos.


  4. What a gorgeous home! I'm loving the exposed beams! Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

  5. Provence is amazing and the tub in the six photo totally stole my heart! Love:) Muah

  6. Ooooh, I'm blown away by all this Italian and French beauty! I simply love Tuscany!!!! The fireplaces are so beautiful! Thanks for lots of inspiration and have a great day!

    Kristin :)

  7. Take me away !!! As much as I like my glittery glam I have to say this is such calming and restful looking place. I could easily call it home. Thank you ! XO

  8. Chère amie,

    This is the life I live. Both in my heart and imagination, and little by little, in my home. Our décor is just like this. My harp studio (well, I just moved my harp to our new room) has a fireplace like this ONLY lacking the structure up top. But the furniture and paint job is similar and will be finished this summer. Oh, comme j'aime la PROVENCE!!!!! Anita

  9. madre mía! es una auténtica maravilla, Silvia. Me encanta. Yo quiero jubilarme y retirarme a esa casa a bloguear todo el día... un beso enorme

  10. I think this is a nice place to live with your family. Enjoyed looking all the photos. :)

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  11. God... this post its WONDERFUL :D

  12. Hi! I'm your newest follower - I found your blog through some blog hopping and love it, it's so inspirational!