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Oct 3, 2011

Monday Inspiration

Happy Monday, loves.
Autumn is here.
Time for a new pair of fabulous boots...

 and some fall decorations
Now onto a great Monday and a successful week.



Credits: boots; pumpkin


  1. I love white pumpkins, but don't often see them here. Of course new boots are a must for autumn. I've been browsing, but got distracted by new leather gloves instead !!! ......

  2. I love boots too and i will need new and comfy one being pregnant. I am not ready for the snow though...They said Thursday morning...Yuck
    Have a super week!

  3. Awww... autumn,,, my favourite season!! I could use a new pair of brown/tan riding boots ... Wishing you a great week..xo HHL

    P.S. having a great give away on my blog ... xo

  4. WOOOOOOO....I have been wearing boots all September, and even though it is still in the 80s here! YES!!! Odd for Minnesota! I also love WHITE PUMPKINS so dearest, you have the right idea here!

    MISSING YOU! Anita

  5. Good morning beautiful! Oh how I love to open up your page; it is blue and beautiful and to see you post a new page is a joy. Thank you for coming my friend; I so understand the BUSY-NESS of life. I had been off ALL SUMMER LONG and it was a great vacation of self-discovery. So what happens? At the very end of vacation, I start getting inspired by a dear blogger friend about setting up an Etsy shop. I am actually excited to see if I succeed or fail, but with SCHOOL and TEACHING, I find my life is crazy!!! I WISH YOU THE BEST in your new job and keep posting; your images and well-wishes are always a welcome sight!!!! BISES, Anita

  6. Yeees, that's exactly what I want!!! New boots! Lovely autumn inspiration!!!

    Kristin xo