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Jul 23, 2010

Favorite Fotog Friday - My Camila

Hello my wonderful friends.
Fridays are magnificent, aren't they?
So I want to post about something I adore: Photography.

And who is my fave fotog?
My darling daughter Camila, of course.
Fridays will feature Camila's work.
There are so many of the session's
she's taken that I love that I figured
I need one day a week to show them off.

So here's the first batch:
I love the sexy 1940's style!

And here's Camila...

I'm a proud mom, what can I say.

Have a wonderful weekend, lovely chicas!

Muchas gracias for stopping by.


  1. Those are amazing...WOW!!!! She is soooo good:) Have a sunny and relaxing weekend,sweetie and see you soon:)

  2. Amazing photos, and OMG your daughter is stunning! Those last two pictures that I assume is of her, are amazing. You have all the right to be proud - beautiful and talented!

    xx Charlotta

  3. Oh dearest, my comment got eaten up!!!! AHHHH! I just wanted to thank you for coming today to my post...and WOW....your daughter is not only incredibly talented as a photographer, she is a stunning beauty, of class A status for being a model herself!

    Do have a wonderful weekend and your comments and visits are so treasured! Anita

  4. How striking. What beautiful photography. Your daughter has a real talent.

  5. Aren't daughters wonderful? And what a talented one you have...beautiful images. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  6. Your daughter sure has an eye for photography!! What amazing pictures, I'm glad you are showcasing her every Friday. She is gorgeous as well and I'm sure just as lovely on the inside! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. She's quite talented, and beautiful too!

  8. What mother wouldn't be proud of a gorgeous daughter like that and be able to produce amazing images of capturing the beauty of a woman such as those you have shown.

    Until next time.... Enjoy your Day*

  9. These are so should be very proud indeed! xo

  10. she is beautiful. i love her eye! :)

  11. Silvia - good gracious - you SHOULD be a proud Mama! Camilla is gorgeous and MEGA talented to boot!!! So lovely - every single photo!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  12. She is so talented! You can be proud!

  13. OMG! Silvia aka proud momma!...your daughter is sooo gorgeous herself....why is she behind the lens when she can be in front of it? but still...she's equally talented too and i loved her photographs! i'd love to feature some of her work on my blog if she'd be interested!

    have a lovely weekend dearie!