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Jul 19, 2010

Flaunt your clothes

My mom used to tell me to put my clothes away, all the time.
I rarely listened, but as an adult, I watched too many Martha Stewart shows
and I have learned to be very organized, a tad OCD you may say.

Looking at these pics, I feel inspired to throw my clothes just 
casually on the bed and even take pics of them.

The seemingly unplanned yet organized mess looks fab.

I feel better about being bad sometimes...

You can say showing your feminine, soft, sexy clothes 
is a form of decor statement these days:

Muchas gracias for stopping by, my loves. 
Have an amazing, wonderful week.


  1. Beautiful clothes in beautiful images!

  2. Beautiful images Silvia. I wonder who decided that dresses are the latest decorating trend! They seem to be on to a winner!

  3. dear Silvia
    those dresses are so whimsical and delicate and pretty!
    The one with the yellow flowers is just stunning..oh I wouldn't mind a dress like that to wear or to hang in my room!

  4. OMG...these photos are absolutely perfect, Silvia! You have the most perfect taste in finding the ethereal and sublime! THANK YOU FOR VISITING AND I WILL TRANSMIT YOUR SENTIMENTS TO MIMI!!!! Anita

  5. Beautiful images!!!!

    I have left something for you over at my blog. Pop in for a visit when you have a chance. You will find it here;

    Happy Tuesday, HHL

  6. It's like the clothes are art!

  7. Hi dear Silvia! I love these pictures: they are so romantic...and absolutely not messy ;)...

  8. Ohhh so true....I love those photos..From now on I will put some one my dresses around the place...Looks so magical:)

  9. These images took my breath away..... I adore romantic clothing and the way they were displayed is just heavenly.

    I want to thank you so much for dropping by Silvia, because it gave me the opportunity to meet you. YOur blog is beautiful and I'm now a follower and later on I'm coming back and take my time to enjoy myself looking through your wonderful posts. It looks like a lot of inspiration is going on here!

    Have a Wonderful Day*

  10. Oh the pictures are so beautiful and very dreamy with lots of romance! Love them! Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day :)
    XO Kristin

  11. Some gorgeous dresses you've found. If only I could have mine gracing the walls and haning so dreamily around the house!

  12. Be still my rapidly beating heart! These photos are gorgeous! They make me so happy to be a girl!:)

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself... I am now your latest follower!


  13. Beautiful! I love the idea of hanging clothes on the wall or randomly in a room like these images.

  14. Stunning pics, Silvia! I love the idea of decorating with dresses, it looks so lovely, I wonder if I could pull it off? I'm afraid it would just look like laundry day at my house! XO!

  15. these are all fantastic. i´m going to look at them again:) thanks for visiting. your blog is lovely! hugs!

  16. Oo I totally agree feminine clothes look so great draped over a pretty bed. Love the photos!

  17. ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY, so please join in:) ...I bet you will love it!!!

  18. thanks so much for "discovering" my blog so i could "discover" yours! i love your headline on the top---"classic beauty with a modern twist". LOVE it! have a fabulous night!

  19. I wish my messes looked so beautiful! Tracey xx