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Nov 9, 2010

Nothing wrong with flamboyant

You can take any boring space, 
add some small pops of orange
and the room magically appears alive and fun.

In marketing, where the psychology of colors plays a big role in advertising...

orange is described as the most flamboyant color in the planet...
associated with fun times...

happy and energetic days, warmth 
and organic products.

It is also associated with ambition

No wonder I love this particular color so much.

What's your take on orange?

Designer: Caitlin Wilson
Photography by Ashlee Raubach


  1. i really grown to like orange - not to wear but for decor!

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    *kiss kiss*

  2. Orange is certainly a happy and thought evoking colour ... love to see it used in home decor. xo HHL

  3. *sigh*...

    my hair is orange.

    ;-D LOVE all of the photos!!!


  4. I find orange colour so happy...and sweet! I would totally need to get a few of those cute pillows to brighten up my living room
    Happy Tuesday

  5. I love this post Silvia, as much as I love orange. I love the warm undertones of orange especially when mixed with yellow and green and blue. Our house is decorated along that matter where we live, which country we move to....I can always count on that orange to carry me thru!

    Jeanne xx

  6. Silvia dearest, these are absolutely stunning photos and I have never considered orange, but the textures and combination of colors and style really makes my head turn twice! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT ME!!! How are you? I hope you will be enjoying a wonderful holiday with your family and those you love. Anita

  7. I am a "color person," so orange is very spirited and vibrant and I love it. I'm glad we're seeing more of it and in such gorgeous shades!

  8. hi Silvia! hope you are doing well sweetie!

    im always unsure and reluctant to use orange be it my outfits or home...but ur pics show me how orange can instantly uplift any place with its presence! i think i should not give up on orange so soon! thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Silvia!

    Your blog is amazing and gorgeous and I love it! I am honored you graced mine with a visit :) I follow now and need to update my sidebar! My next goal is to have a button. I am sooo techie slow!

    These colors are great. Did you take the pictures? Love orange and blue. I totally speak flamboyant!!!



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  11. Gee i dont think i have a spec of ORANGE in my home...i know i will need a bit more color soon though...these are LOVELY!