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Nov 15, 2010

Hold your horses please

I love Christmas as much as the next gal.
But...can we delay the Christmas madness
and celebrate Thanksgiving first?

Maybe it's because I grew up in a country where the Christmas tree 
didn't come out of storage until December 8th.

Or maybe it's because I get tired of listening
to Christmas songs on the radio, the office, and the stores for 8 weeks

I love the fall. 
I love the harvest. 
I vote for going back to giving 
Thanksgiving the place it deserves.

I am going to wait to jingle the bells and 
deck my halls until the day after Thanksgiving.

So bring on the pumpkins, and
the orange and earth tones of the fall. 

I'll be giving Thanksgiving the space it deserves,
some room all of its own.

Who's with me?

Have a lovely week, dear friends.


  1. bellissimi colori e tavole autunnali.Un saluto Ornella

  2. Well said, I hate it when Christmas starts appearing late October! Even more so when you have your wonderful Thanksgiving to enjoy first.
    My French Country Home

  3. So it's just not me, thinking that Christmas is coming unusually earlier this year! Great selection of images. Love the tablescape in the first one.

  4. We don't do thanksgiving here of course, but I'm completely with you about Christmas. I'm lucky if I get the tree up a few days before :) Hope you have a lovely thanksgiving.

  5. I am totally in the Holiday spirit and I cant wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas...Its crazy to think that this year just flew by. Happy Monday my dear

  6. OK, I am with you! Was your gorgeous photo always here? You look great!

  7. Fall is my absolute fav time of the year ... mainly for the wonderful weather and what this time of year represents- harvest season and Giving Thanks. In Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving in October ~ so we are gearing up for my fav holiday .. Christmas ... and its true meaning of giving, and helping others. Don't get me wrong I like to receive as much as the next person .. but I truly love giving ...there is nothing like knowing you have helped someone. HHL

  8. Oh, how I love your comments! Reading them truly makes my day!!!!!

  9. I completely agree! I was going to post a gift guide today but quickly realized that was a bit ridiculous. I plan on savoring these next two weeks and letting the Christmas madness take over apres Thanksgiving! xo

  10. Here! Here! I couldn't agree more.

  11. Absolutely beautiful photos of autumn and Thanksgiving. You did a wonderful job Silvia arranging them in this order!