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Nov 12, 2010

Decor & Clothing Styles

I want to believe that my decorating and clothing styles are intimately related.

I love clothes that have a timeless look.
Feminine without being overly girlie.
Flirty without being too sexy.

For example (I love vintage clothing and Mary Janes!):

I don't like matchy-matchy, 
but rather I love to coordinate items 
and then throw something unexpected...
such as the blue vintage purse with any of those outfits,
or yellow and gray pillows in an all-white room...

or choose one wall and make it stand out with a vibrant color...

or add a bright set of lime green chairs just about anywhere...

What's your clothing/decor style? 
Are they related to each other? 

Happy Friday!

Abrazos (hugs!),

vintage clothing;
photo with yellow pillows; last two images.


  1. Estoy decuerdo contigo, de repente dar un toque de color da vida y queda precioso.

    Un abrazo

  2. I'm try to re-discover both ... so it will be interesting to see. I love that blue handbag and most of your examples.. hugs.HHL

  3. Silvia dearest, you have taken my breath away this morning, that is for sure! GRAY OUTFITS...CHECK! Turquoise walls against white.....CHECK! A perfect mix of MUST HAVES and inspiration. I hope you are well dearest! Anita

  4. I do think my fashion sense and interior style are closely related. Like you I like coordinating ensembles, but no matchy matchy!

  5. Love so many of those styles,Great Style..

  6. Lovely :)

  7. I love those clothes! And the chandelier in that first room is gorgeous!

  8. Love that bright blue wall and those lime chairs, gorgeous! Abbeyx