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Jun 23, 2010

Making an entrance

I was pulling out of my driveway today and started to look at my front yard.
I guess I focused so much on making changes inside the home
that I've neglected what others actually see the most. Eeek.
I realized my front yard lacks personality.
It's boring! There. I said it.

So now I need to do something about it.
I'm getting inspiration from these pics:
I could paint the front door turquoise and add a lush cascading plant...

Maybe I need some vibrant orange shutters against my home's brick walls...

or I can go with something "Secret Garden"-ish...

This totally reminds me of the homes in Buenos Aires...

Gotta love a sunny porch. So inviting, no?

Maybe I can hang planters and super bright fuschia flowers off my two front windows...

Whatever I choose to do, it's got to say "ME" all over. 
At it stands now, my home says I'm a boring person when I'm actually not.
I want to stand out in a "she's got a fab taste" kind of way.
Don't we all?

Any of these inspires you? 
Do you have any pics of your fab front yard/entrance you want to send my way? 
Send them to and I will post them.

Have a super lovely day. 
Muchas gracias for stopping by,


  1. Too many loevely choices. I have no driveway so that is one "problem" solved :))

  2. We are going to improve our entrance some time in the future, but who knows when! I love the turquoise door but I doub my other half would be so daring! The roses feature a lot, maybe that's telling you something? :)

  3. Hi Silvia!! I love the porch, it's a dream!! just think to sit under there and have some quiet happy moments... hope you're doing fine. xoxo Zaira

  4. Decisions, decisions - they are all beautiful images. I guess it comes down to what kind of theme you want - romantic, quirky, modern, personal favourite is the fuscia baskets. I have a huge fuscia out the front of my house and it certainly attracts attention - although mine is very woody and out of control!

  5. You cant go wrong with stunning flowers and beautiful eye popping gate colours...Those are beautiful and if I would have a front yard...I would make it very romantic with stunning roses and deep green colour for the gate!
    Kisses darling and enjoy your week:)

  6. dear Silvia
    I wish I had a porch or a secret garden! Unfortunately my front yard is the most unappealing one on earth!These photos are totally inspiring and I think I'll go looking for a front door like that in pic it!!!
    Wish you a fabulous day

  7. These are so lovely and romantic!!

  8. AnonymousJune 23, 2010

    I know what you mean! I would go for the secret garden and whites, beige etc. It's neutral and it's easier to make modifications to if you are not happy with it. Good luck and don't lose your motivation :)

  9. AnonymousJune 23, 2010

    These are just stunning! I love all of them. xo

  10. oh sweetie - i'm ALLLLLLLLLL about a BOLD front door - i was going to buy this "new" modern medival wooden door with roth iron - then i saw all kinds of BOLD painted front doors - and i said - i'm going balls to the wall - and going BRIGHT YELLOW! - happy door hunting!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  11. I've neglected my front yard too. I focus on the backyard and the interior of the house, because that is where we spend all of our time. I've been thinking the last few weeks that I really need to start caring for the front yard more.

  12. So pretty! We are sprucing up our front as well, it's been way too neglected :)

  13. Hi Silvia! I love the first idea: turquoise door and roses all around!!! But also some hydragea would be lovely!!!

  14. what beautiful doors!! I just came across your corner of BlogLand... and couldn't believe it when I was reading your intro: - I dream of buying a small country home in
    Argentina - I was born in Portugal - and now live in Canada.

    I am going to become a follower - so I do not miss anymore of your great inspiration!!!HHL

    If you have a chance pop on over for a visit.

  15. Great photos! I like them very much!!!!
    I live in Buenos Aires, and I really appreciatte you mention it.

  16. many nice entrances! I think I'll have to move! Hope you're having a great Thursday!

    Kristin xo

  17. i've always dreamt of having a secret garden in my dream house.. these are all wonderful gardens and settings! really romantic and lovely! :D

    Animated Confessions

  18. We totally forget about the front as well!!! I need to jump on that and get a rose or dahlia garden asap:-)

    Love your blog btw!!!

  19. I want to go to every one of those places! Even if I never have a front yard that looks like a dream, it's always nice to know that there beautiful photographs to look at =)

  20. Hoy he descubierto tu blog es precioso con muy buen gusto y unas fotos preciosas. Ya te visitaré más a menudo!!!! Recuerdos, Esther

  21. You have the right idea here Silvia...they are all wonderful!


  22. Bonjour Silvia,
    Oh I'm sure your front yard is not boring! I love that blue door in the first photos, but they are all lovely. I'm sure wahtever you choose to do will be filled with flowers and lots of good taste!
    Have a fabulous week,

  23. I love these! I have the same problem, I really don't like the outside of our house. There's nothing unique to it. I will be curious to see what you decide to do, Silvia! XO!

  24. AnonymousJune 28, 2010

    hola silvia:

    hope your weekend was wonderful.

    these are all magical inspirations. love that blue door and fuschia flowers.

    on another note...

    i recently awarded you and your fabulous blog an award. please swing by when you can to grab it. when you do have fun with it. thanks for being a an awesome blog companion

  25. AnonymousJune 28, 2010

    ooops, i accidently hit "post comment" when i wasn't even done with my comment, sorry.

    here is my link for your award:

    have a blessed and sweet day.

    oxox ^-^

  26. Thanks, Liz!!!! I'm honored! How sweet!

  27. It's great to get some inspiration and then do something about it. I love your pictures.

  28. hello dear's good to have you back in the blogosphere! hope you're doing well!

    i love these pretty entrances...the last one is my most fave. i can't wait how you design yours...pls post some picks once its done!

    xo, Persis.

  29. How can you go wrong with such gorgeous and amazing photos as inspiration?

  30. these are gorgeous!!! love the ivy !!

  31. That first image inspires me my friend...Oh I would be in Heaven if I can home to those doors everyday. xoxoxo

  32. You've inspired me with the blue/grey doors and creeper image. Too beautiful..We need to definitely work on our curb appeal here, but it's at the bottom of the list at the moment unfortunately! Rachaelxx

  33. these are all GREAT inspiration!! Love your blog!
    <<33 Cara

  34. Oh you have made me miss Spring SO MUCH..all the colour and lush leaves..and how I want to open one of those door..any...and just enjoy the view :)

  35. AnonymousJune 30, 2010

    Hi, I thought of you when I saw this post here:

    looking forward to your news!

  36. Hello dearest Silvia! I am back from an eleven day vacation in California, and it is refreshing to see your lovely blog! Have a fantastic week! Anita

  37. Stunning pictures. Your blog is so lovely. I am so glad i found it!

    xo marcie

  38. I love these photos!