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Jan 10, 2011

Designer Watch: Brad Ford

I like contemporary design, for the most part.

And yet...
somehow it doesn't work well with my and Mr. A's lifestyle for some reason. 

I think ours is a
classic-electic-rustic provencal
"whatever-we-like-even-when-it-doesn't go-with-the-rest-of-the-house" style.  


 I am in love with designer Brad Ford's
elegant and sophisticated spaces.

Named "One of America's Top Young Designers" by House Beautiful.

Recently featured in The New York Times.
 If I go to the Oprah Show and she gives me a luxury car...

I'll sell it to have the dinero 
to hire Mr. Ford to work on the interior design of my home. 

maybe I need a new home first.

Do you have a favorite interior designer? 
(my list of faves is definitely waaaaay toooo looooong).

Enjoy your week, darlings!


  1. Silvia - you picked my favorite!!! But I'm with you... it's whatever goes (with duct tape of course)in the single-wide! LOLOLOL

    I want that kitchen. And it would stay that clean always 'cause I don't cook.

    Let's meet at the Oprah show, okay?

    ;-D xoxo

  2. Brad Ford is so talented, love his work. Having met him I can say his personality is just as fabulous as his work. Bunny Williams ranks as my all time favorite, but there are also others who stike my fancy!

  3. I found you via my friend Lisa, of Hamptontoes. What a gorgeous blog you all your beautiful photos!! I love Brad's work. My all time favorite designers are Melissa Rufty and Jan Showers!!

    ~ Elizabeth

  4. Good morning dearest! THAT PICTURE with the little window and diamond panes is exactly what I will be having in my new room, and in gray trim too!!!! HOW ARE YOU?

    Have a PERFECT DAY!!!


  5. I love the all the clean lines and simplicity of his rooms. No clutter...I love that look! Beautiful...I can see why he is one to watch. You really have an eye for style!



  6. I LOVE that kitchen picture!!! Love, love, love it! Everything about it.

  7. Tu blog es muy bonito y esta lleno de buen gusto. Felicidades!

  8. What a beautiful collection of photos you have! I am so inspired.

  9. My list too is oh so long! I will use hometown heros: Jan Showers for the Dallas girl in me and Suzanne Kasler for my Atlanta hubby :) Mr. Ford is as striking as his name! XO

  10. SILVIA! Oh how I loved your comment on my post....dearest, I SO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND what you said about the work place, or at least, doing something that "doesn't feel" just right.....I did that for MANY MANY years and then I went to school for a total of 17 years to finally become a teacher. All of us have different phases in our lives and now that I am a teacher (for 8 years) I have grown so much. But I believe that it is not MY final frontier. Like you said about yourself, I too am good at it. But there are times when it feels SO UNNATURAL for me; while that may not necessarily be an indicator that I chose the wrong profession, it does say to me that there is one more thing that I must do that I am good at and that DOES FEEL as if I should be doing and that is what I had talked about on my post: CREATING STORIES WITH MY OWN ART. I may not be the BEST or wow the masses, but it is what I feel most comfortable doing. I am so grateful that I have my degrees and a trade or rather, a profession to always fall on. But let us always dream and carry on and GRAB IT WHILE WE CAN!

    BEST OF SUCCESS TO YOU DEAREST and let me know how your dreams take shape!!!! Anita

  11. This place feels so fresh and very elegant. I really love the living room photo and the sofa has the most adorable colour:)
    Hugs and kisses, my dear

    ps: I am hosting a sweet necklace GIVEAWAY, later today :) ... Please, join in!

  12. Gorgeous kitchen! Makes my knees weak. Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  13. wow!! these pics are simply WOW! i love how the design of these rooms is modern and sleek and yet how they look inviting and pretty! thanks for sharing sweets!

  14. Oh I so agree....these rooms are specatular! Thank you for sharing...happy weekend. xoxo

  15. Maravilloso Ford! Ambientes llenos de buen gusto y elegancia.
    Espero que sigas compartiendo con nosotros estas bellezas durante este nuevo año y te deseo para ti un año bello bello...

  16. Hola Silvia ¿Cómo estás? Me encantó esta entrada ,tomo nota ...Brad Ford.Me encantó el sillón blanco al pié de la escalera.Te escribo pronto.Buen fin de semana!!! Marina

  17. This is so gorgeous !!

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  18. Hi Silvia
    I just popped over from Anita's blog... I'm usually a blue person.. but love these soft pinks with greys.. gorgeous.. makes it so hard to choose when there is so much to choose from that catches my eye... Fabulous kitchen too..

    Have a great week ciao xxx Julie

  19. I'm all for a creative Boho-kind of mix, with white or creamy walls and curtains, and colorful paintings! However, these pix look really good too!

  20. I am loving all the modern art!!