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Jan 3, 2011

Pantone Color of the Year: 2011

Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2011: 

It is described as a "dynamic reddish-pink"
that is encouraging and uplifting.
It is a captivating, stimulating color
that gets the adrenaline going.

It may be true. 
I remember how happy and energetic I felt when
I looked at the beautiful honeysuckle flowers
 my mother had around the house.

It is said to produce a healthy glow whenever and wherever it is applied.

I LOVE this color. 
Would I wear an entire outfit in this color? 
Probably not.
Paint a whole room? 
Not in a million years.

A handbag? Shoes? Jewelry? Scarf? Pillows? Throws? Sofa? 
Yes, definitely.

Come back tomorrow for more honeysuckle-related images.

Kiss, kiss.

Credits: swatches; bedroom,remote,buttons; pull; bathtub.


  1. I love this colour too! Not red, not pale pink, some vibrant kind of pink. Something I just cannot ever wear but I do use in the house in little things as flowers and decoration, not a whole wall though.
    Looking out for your next post!

  2. Oh my comment got eaten up! Dearest, this is a divine color and it goes so well with your beautiful gray background!

    HAVE A HAPPY MONDAY OF 2011! Anita

  3. one of my favorite colors, so happy and bold! Happy New Year Silvia! Besos

  4. love honeysuckle great color for 2011 xx

  5. i LOVE the color - and if i could have a honesuckle clawfoot tub - DREAM!!!!!!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  6. Honeysuckle...You don't even have to say another word. I can see and smell it instantly.

    I saw that honeysuckle was The color of the Year. How Fun!!! I am so ready for a bright,fresh color!
    Enjoy a Bright & Fresh start to your new year,

  7. I want that bathroom. I mean - I want that bathroom so much mine might be getting renovated as of... tonight. LOL

    Happy Happy New Year!!! I'm going to go make a pink pocketbook... honeysuckle pink.

    ;-D xoxoxo

  8. New follower here...what a lovely place to have fallen into!
    --Lee Ann