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Jan 26, 2011

Black and White Inspiration Board

Today, simple black and white inspiration...

What are your thoughts on Black and White?

More inspiration boards tomorrow.


Credits: white dress; all other images.


  1. Two of my very favorite colors. I wear black and white a lot! Love the umbrella!

    I gave the anthropology mugs as hostess gifts filled with candy and ribboned!

  2. Black and white is a classic combo...

    Love the shoes, lamp, and clutch...gorgeous inspirations:)

  3. i love black and makes a statement, looks glam and you can never go wrong with it! i love the moodeborad you've put together here too!

  4. I LOVE IT! I am so monochromatic, I am almost afraid of TOO much color in my home, so I have a lot of black and white, and of course TURQUOISE!!! LOVELY dearest! Anita

  5. I am all for black and white too. Although I do love me some color accents to make things "pop".

  6. Love, love, love the sleek black on the ornate French chair! The unexpected is so refreshing!
    And who can live without this color is a gift from the wardrobe gods!
    --Lee Ann

  7. I adore black and white, so classic and timeless. I love wearing it and it makes me feel so good and confident!

  8. Black and white goes great with my hair! LOL

    I want WANT WANT that blazer!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  9. love, love, love those black and white shoes.

  10. The combination of those two colors always makes a Big Wow Factor no matter how it is used- in fashion or used in a decorative space!

    Great photo's of Black & White-

    Take Care*

  11. Me encanta este post!!
    Te deseo un feliz fin de semana

  12. Adoro las combinaciones en blanco y negro, siempre son acertadas.Muchos besos y gracias por visitarme.