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Jan 8, 2011

Strong in the Hamptons

The movie Country Strong 
starring Gwyneth Paltrow opened today.


I'm not a fan of Country Music, at all.
But I'm definitely a fan of Miss Paltrow's home in the Hamptons...

Interesting chandelier, don't you think?

Love the wallpaper...

She's a girl with great taste.

There's even a private smaller home in this property for her yoga sessions.


If you happen to watch the movie, let me know what you think of it.

Have a great weekend, my loves.

Kiss, kiss.

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  1. I've featured this house before and up to this day I still love looking at it...The kitchen is my favorite space in Gwyneth's Hampton's Home.

    And I haven't seen that nook with a lovely blue and white chair is lovely especially with a sneaker in there...makes it look lived-in. Thanks.

  2. ¡Me ha encantado la lámpara!!! Tiene una casa preciosa y muy inspiradora.
    Gracias por compartirla.

    Un abrazo

  3. I have been hearing lots of great things about the movie and Gwyneth these that kitchen :)

    Best wishes Silvia..

    Jeanne xx

  4. ABSOLUTELY DARLING...and how in the world did I miss the last post!!! I cannot keep up with my schedule! OH Silvia, everything here is so beautiful. HAVE A BLAST THIS WEEKEND! BISES, Anita

  5. Silva,
    I, like you, am not a country fan! But I do love Miss Gwyneth Paltrow! She's divine, and so is this house! Yes, that chanelier...yes, yes, YES!
    --Lee Ann
    PS-thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words!

  6. Just stumbled across your blog, and it's absolutely beautiful! Love all the colors and pictures ;)

    Happy Weekend!

  7. that's a bueatiful home... jealous here! have a great weekend!

  8. my fav is that kitchen. happy weekend!

  9. Gorgeous stylish home. Bet it doesn't always look so tidy with 2 kiddies !!! Love the kitchen.

  10. her home is as understadely elegant as she is! and that chandelier is sooo lovely!

  11. I just discovered your blog & loved it. I'm an interior designer from Melbourne, Australia & I found it very inspiring. Blogging is all new to me but I have just set up my own blog
    You may like to check it out because I had so much fun doing it. It's got a bit of everything fashion, interiors, food, travel spots - hopefully you will find something in there that interests you. Please stop by if you have a spare minute.
    Thanks for providing me with such great entertainment!

  12. Hola Silvia,me encantó la casa lo mejor para mi. la cocina.que tengas un lindo dìa!! Marina

  13. Oh I do love this girl!!! Now I know what her home looks like...thank you so is stunning!!! Just like her.

    Monday hugs. xoxoxo

  14. I love her..She is such a brilliant actress and she totally has an amazing style:) Wish you a lovely Monday,sweetie

  15. Beautiful! :) Love the bedroom.

  16. Did Kelly Wearstler really do this kitchen? I read that here. It just doesn't look like her work. Do you know who the designer was?

  17. Hello Anonymous: The magazine article posted on has a lot more information about this post. I read that the actress did most of the design herself, with assistance from a few designer friends. Hope this is helpful. Take care.