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Jan 28, 2011

Office spaces CAN be pretty

I'm pretty organized when it comes to my home 
(a tad OCD at times) 
but my home office...

Let's just say that if I had a pet
and it got lost in my office,
I wouldn't be able to find it.

I needed some inspiration.
I needed to see a pretty and functional office.

Good thing I regularly visit

Erica was one of the first kind souls
to visit and leave comments on my blog
 when I was a newbie in this wonderful blog world,
almost a year ago.

She has impeccable taste. 
No wonder she's an interior designer.

Isn't this a fabulous window? Love all the natural light in this space.

I love the pop of color from the painting against 
the light colors on the wall and desk.

If you have some time, also check out her fabulous closet.

Thanks, Erica, for the inspiration.

How do you feel in your office?
Energetic? Confused? Organized? Frustrated? Calm? Inspired?

How do you want to feel?

Hugs and kisses, my loves.

Have an inspired day,


  1. Me encanta la inspiración!
    Justo ahora nosotros estamos pensando en montar el estudio de nuestra nueva casa y de aquí podemos sacar algunas ideas.


  2. Since our 'home office area' is just part of the living room, I have to keep it very organized... I love the desk in the last picture and isn't that chair a design classic?
    Love the placing of the desk in front of the window in the second last picture but I wonder if I'd get any work done if my desk was in front of a window ;-)
    Love the chair in the first picture! Great shape and colours!
    Love the appledrawing/painting(?) too.
    So, a big thank you for sharing all these inspirational ideas again with us Silvia!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Silvia, llevaba tiempo sin poder pasarme por aquí y veo con agrado que sigues ofreciendo reportajes fotográficos de caerse la baba. Que estilazo tiene tu blog! un beso muy fuerte

  4. Her office is gorgeous Silvia. She has impeccable style. I'm hoping to feel very calm when I've finished my little spot..Rachaelxx

  5. Hello!! I just found you through Karena. I love your header!! Trust me, I have only said that about 3x in comment world. You should visit my store, just for the graphic design. We look alike. Oh my office, my office. I am not OCD and it is getting to be a problem. If I clean it up, though, I might have a before and after post.

  6. Hello hello! I love this office. Such a calming space. I just saw also that you live in the rocky mountains?? Ohhh i just moved to santa monica this summer from Denver. I grew up around boulder, fort collins, etc. Much love to another mountain girl (I go on hikes and runs for fun here and people think im crazy!)

    xo Jessica Rae
    {lovely ugly design}

  7. Hermosos rincones que invitan a inspirarse y trabajar con comodidad.Ms Moth es impecable Que envidia!!

  8. I loved Erica's office when she posted it - totally organized yet chic and comfortable. My office needs serious help as well - looks like the Collyer brothers live there!!

  9. What a wonderful and inspiring office...such great style! Happy Friday ~

  10. Hello - I found your blog via Rich Life on a Budget.

    I love these home decor photos. I really prefer a white base and adding color as accents. The fuschia tones are feminine and strong at the same time. Makes me reconsider my attachment to blue and orange...

  11. Once again, these are gorgeous spaces! And that workspace is pretty chic! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  12. Oh chèrie, these office spaces are DIVINE! ANd in white, no doubt!!! Have a magnificent day! Anita

  13. That is a lovely office space... My goal this year is to make mine FAB or at least enjoyable to be in!

  14. Oh my goodness...her space is amazing! I would so love my desk in front of that window looking so inviting and organzied. Thanks for sharing. xoxoox

  15. I love the idea having the desk by the window...Natural light is so important to me. LOve those photos..Such a beautiful post! Happy Sunday, darling

  16. Uf! Ahora mismo mi oficina es un desastre...Con tanto trabajo pendiente!...Y me encantaría que se pareciese un poco a ésta...

  17. Oh my goodness! I am touched by all of the kind words here about my home. You are so very sweet Silvia! xoxo