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Mar 25, 2010

Happyness Award

It's taken me a couple of weeks to finally make the time to thank the wonderful Jeanne at Collage of Life for honoring Casa Bella blog with the "Happyness Award". How sweet!!! If you haven't visited her blog, please do so today. She's lived in New Zealand, Australia, and the USA before deciding to settle in the UK. She's a great writer and her posts are full of beauty. Thanks so much, dear Jeanne! What a gal!

So I decided to pass along this award to the blogs that make me happy everyday:

One Crafty Fox - Thanks Diana!
Lovely Clusters - thanks Rachel!
Camilla Binks Photography - Thanks Camila!
La Maison des Lilas - thanks Flaviana!
A Page of Inspiration - Thanks Kristin!
Design Darling - Thanks Mackenzie!
A Dairy of Lovely - thanks Helena!
Little Emma English Home - Thanks Zaira!
A Room for Everyone - thanks Rachael!
El jardin de los muffins - Muchas gracias!
A tranquil townhouse - Thanks, Kerry!
Cozy Little House - Thanks, Brenda!
Cottage and Vine - Thank you!
Bluebird Notes - Thank you!
Decora Tu Alma - Gracias Elisa!
Moth Design - Thanks Erica!
Bonjour Romance Merci, Mimi!
Hamptontoes - Thanks Lisa!
Burlap Luxe - Thanks, Dore!
Porchlight Interiors - Thanks Tracey!
Homely One - Thanks Amanda!
Secrets of Domestic Bliss - Thanks Ashlina!
The Zhush - Thanks Sue!
Coty Farquhar - Thanks Coty!
Life in Lake County - Thanks Megan!
La Dolfina - Thanks Therese!
Two Ellie - Thanks Paula!
Little Blue Deer - Thanks Shari!
Decorating Tennis Girl - thanks Robin!
Mostly Older than me Thanks Julienne!
Design Esquire - Thanks!
Living it at Home - Thanks Jamilyn!
Bright, Bold, Beautiful - thanks Laura!

I wanted to add a few more but I think that would turn this list into a very long post!
I know, the list contains a lot more than the 10 blogs I was supposed to choose. I seriously couldn't choose just ten. All of these blogs and a few more (sorry if I haven't mentioned you, you know who you are) make me so happy! I giggle with enthusiasm when I see your posts on my reader, or when I read your comments on my posts.

If we lived closer, I would celebrate you by inviting you to tea time...
with some French macarons, of course...
But because you are far away, I want to give you this award for

And to all of you who are so kind to leave comments on my blog: THANK YOU. I love reading them and linking back to your wonderful blogs. Gotta love this blog universe...
Take care,


  1. You, lovely lady have just made my Thursday a whole heap better! Can't thank you enough. This is my 2nd award this humongously lucky am I?? Am going to spend quite a bit of time this weekend working out what on earth I'm going to do to justify them, decide who to pass them on to...and try like crazy to write something mildly amusing at the same about pressure! You are a treasure!

  2. Hi Silvia! Thank you so much for passing this award on to me - you are the sweetest :)

  3. My darling Silvia, thank you, thank you! What a shame we can't have that tea..Rachaelxx

  4. Oh Silvia.. I don't know what to say..thank you just isn't enough!I'm honoured and really touched. It's the first time for me and don't even deserve it , don't even know what to do except maybe shed a few tears!You are a lovely,amazing woman!
    A big hug, Flaviana

  5. Silvia,
    Thanks so much for passing down your happy award to me and the other bloggers! I was so happy and surprised to see my name. I love reading all my comments, as well, from all of you!
    Happy day,

  6. Gracias Silvia!!
    thank you so much, I truly enjoy your blog so it's a huge honor!

  7. Merci beaucoup Silvia,
    I am honoured to be included with such lovely ladies. Your blog is a highlight of my day as well, it is beautiful! I wish we could have tea...
    GOod day,

  8. Thank you so much for the mention! I am honored to be included with all these other blogs. Your blog makes me so happy too!

    There's so many blogs that are new to me on your list, I can't wait to go check them out!


  9. Hey Silvia, congratulations for this lovely award!!!

  10. Thanks for including me! It makes me happy to know you read my blog. I started it to keep my family in the loop since they live too far for me to see them very often, but I've fallen in love with the blog world. It helps me keep my sanity while living in such a small town (which I'm still trying to adjust to)!

  11. Silvia... congrats; of course this award is fitting, you make so many of us happy. I'm delighted that I make you happy as well in return! Thanks for including me in your happiness award list! xoxo Erica

  12. Thank you sweet friend...I feel honored and blessed that you would add my name in with such lovely blogs. I so love visiting always fill my day with sunshine. xoxo

  13. Aww, thanks so much for passing on the award! What a lovely surprise, I feel so honored.

    Your bloginess makes me smile too :)

  14. Hi Silvia! Sorry to hear you can not have a break for Easter, but i hope you have a wonderful weekend...
    Un abrazo bien grande!!!

  15. Silvia, dont' know what to say....Thank you so much dear. you made my day and I really need today. Thank thanks thanks!!

    I will pass it to other happy blogs
    Have a happy weekend!!

    Zaira xx

  16. Thank you for your kind words looks like you have a wonderful list here...I can't wait to visit everyone:)
    As always, I love stopping and and saying hello, there is such beauty here and great ideas as well!

  17. Wow, Thanks Silvia for this fantastic award and to be mentioned on your blog with all these other fantastic bloggers.

    It is a real treat to receive this from you.

    .... and I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to know that it was here.

    Have a wonderful and fabulous week.

    xxxxxx Coty