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Mar 12, 2010

Weekend Task List

Work til late on Friday. Rain on Saturday. And yet, oh joy, warmer weather is coming on Sunday and Daylight Savings Time begins! You can't see me, but I am smiling...a really big smile.
This weekend, I will be doing the following:
1. Creative gift wrapping for next week's wedding - this is the couple getting married:
You can't see their faces, but they are both super cute.
As next week will be a busy one, I thought I would take my time to do some fun gift wrapping in advance this weekend. I am VERY big into making the wrapping as beautiful - or more - than the gift itself. I'm definitely not a dove-and-hearts-on-a-soft-white-wedding-themed-wrapping-paper kind of girl. It makes me yawn.
I love bold colors mixed with softer ones. I'm thinking something like this, but I'll match it to the couple's wedding colors:
2. Also, I have promised myself I will try making one of these (please note the word "try"):
3. Paint something like this for every girl in my family, except that it won't have a shabby/cottage-ish look. I'm more into contemporary style with a touch of romantic. It won't be red (maybe a soft powder blue?), and it will say "Felices Pascuas" which means "Happy Easter" in Spanish, my native language:
I will show you the product of my disaster inspiration on Monday.
4. Lastly, the garage is a mess. But, a girl has to relax, so I think I will drink a cup of tea and watch Lark Rise to Candleford on PBS while I cuddle up with a blanket. The mess in the garage will have to wait (and oh yes, I've got to get myself to the gym - which unfortunately - cannot wait).

I wish you a lovely weekend and thank you for all your wonderful comments this week.
Enjoy life, dear Lovelies!
Credits: adorable couple; gift wrap; flower; sign; tea cup.


  1. nos tendras que ensenar los resultados! can-t wait! Have a great weekend darling xoxo

  2. You have such a beautiful blog! So glad I found you so I could some visit. I admire that you like the wrapping to be just as special as the gift. That shows real love!

  3. Love your task list, specially everything related to gift wrapping...Have a nice weekend!!

  4. Lovely ideas... Have a great weekend! xo e

  5. happy weekend to you and thank you for the sweet sweet comments...

  6. What an ambitious and lovely list! Hope your weekend was productive and fun! Is that tea mug from Crate and Barrel? I saw coffee ones there yesterday that looked very similar...and was wishing they had a tea one! Love your happy blog world too!

  7. Julie,
    I wish I knew where the mug's from. The photo was taken by a great photographer who offers his prints on Etsy. I love that mug as well. I will check on Crate and Barrel. I love the fabulous things they carry!
    Thanks for stopping by.