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Feb 22, 2010

Inspiration Designer of the week: Hampton Design

I am a total woman. I keep on changing my mind. Although at times I seem to have a defined test, I am quite eclectic (however somehow I rarely want to admit it). I do love clean lines and dark furniture, but once in a while I like to mix old and new. And sometimes I totally love coastal design (sort of a Barefoot Contessa, East Hampton type of thing). Hampton Design is my clean-line, fresh and airy design inspiration this week. Check out these kitchens:
I am thinking of using this tile for my kitchen, in a greenish shade to coordinate with my cabinets. I love the glassy-clean look of these tiles. They remind me of the ocean. What feeling do they inspire in you?

I also love the light blue accent in the vanity doors:

Now THIS is a mud room:

I wouldn't mind doing laundry here (you have to know that I'd rather clean a toilet than do laundry):
May you have a wonderfully inspired week, ya'll!

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