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Feb 12, 2010

Inspiration from Argentina

I love Argentina. That's my dear native country. I also love Italy and other countries of Europe where my husband Antonio and my ancestors are from. The love affair with these places is mostly set on their love and celebration for all-things-historic. I appreciate those countries that are proud of their history and do whatever it takes to keep their oldest buildings and homes looking their best.

In one of Argentina's provinces, called Corrientes (close to the border with Brazil and a very warm place pretty much year-long), there's a little hotel that has very well mixed the old and the new in their architecture, as featured on Espacio Living Revista:

I love the mixture of Colonial with a smidge of contemporary (black awnings over white-painted windows) and the beautiful openess of this indoor courtyard.

True to the Argentine style, the bathroom floor tends to be mosiac with a distinctive pattern (and a bidette! Every bathroom has one of those. I've got to get me one):

Now this is a place to have my morning breakfast:

I love this monochromatic room with just a few touches of blue. The bed looks quite Parisian, the pillows and arragenment of the pictures on the wall are quite modern, but paired with the old heater and vintage cover on the bed, it gives the room a sense of warmth and history.

It goes to show you that, as long as you keep a balance, you can mix old and new very successfully.

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