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Feb 11, 2010

A little late but finally some Valentine's decorations

This year too many things have happened since the days before Christmas to really focus on anything else but work and my health. Finally today I decided that even if there are just a few measly days left before Valentine's, I was going to get some kind of decoration up to remind me of this cutesie, romantic holiday (though I don't like cutesie..yuck).

I've been meaning to make some ribbon flowers for a pillow, but for now, I decided I could use them around the house and to wrap my hubs' gift. So I got some ribbon and a needle and matching thread:

I folded one end of the ribbon twice to be left with this:

That's how I start what will be the bud or center. I rolled the ribbon around a few times:

I opened the ribbon to its full width and started to twist it and bend it under so it hides behind itself. The only thing left to do is continue to wrap the ribbon around the bud while folding it and once in a while hold it all together with a few stitches:

I made two flowers and stitched them onto a piece of ribbon:

I think the gift looks very Valentine-ish (with a touch of Christmas?).
What's in it? An assortment of gift certificates for a massage, carwash, haircut (the best places in the area:

I will get better photos and instructions on how to make these flowers as soon as SOMEONE is home when I happen to make them! I have a heavy pro camera and would need three or, even better, four hands to make the flowers and take the pics at the same time!

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