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May 17, 2010

Happy to be a Girl

I used to think that guys had it so much easier. However, I am happy I am a complex, somewhat pretty, have-the-right-to-change-my-mind-on-the-spot woman. Yay.
This will be a happy-to-be-a-girl week.

Tell me what you like the most about being a girl...

I personally like:
                                                       the awesome clothes I can wear

                                           that I can look great on high heels and in pink
                                      And that though my decision-making process is quite mathematical,
     I am a romantic dreamer without a cause (and proud of it). 
I seriously need more romantic touches in my home, like these:

Happy Monday, lovely chicas!

Thanks for stopping by...

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  1. For sure I am happy to be a girl...I love the clothes and heels and all those pink and cute stuff we can get and do:)
    Happy Monday my dear....How is your sister doing?

  2. i'm happy too to be a girl!! Expecially after this photo!

  3. Agreed about clothing and decor. I also appreciate female friendship SO much.


    All this is Grace and Charm

  4. Dear friend...I am so sorry to hear that...True life goes on and she will always be close to memories.
    Kisses and I wish you a nice week:)

  5. I may not do it often but I love getting all girly when I have a date with my hubby. Oh..and I love being spoiled by him (not monitarily) but just how he treats me :) And by the way you were wrong on something! Your a whole lot pretty, not a little :)

  6. Yo también soy feliz por ser chica y me siento orgullosa de eso y de ser una romántica... qué se le va a hacer...!
    un beso
    Feliz semana

  7. I've always thought how lucky we are for all the different kinds of clothes we can wear. Females are also much better at being the center of attention. Welcome back...I hope everything is okay with your sister.

  8. Being a girl is the best! I totally agree with all of your reasons! :)

  9. For me, it's makeup... and men! :)

  10. I in particularly love being a southern girl.
    Hospitality, laid back porches, flowers, and romance all rolled in to one. Like a piece of chocolate with a diamond in the center.

    Oh and don't forget the diamonds, and pink, and crying when you know it will work, and being protected by your knight in shining armor.

    Painting your toenails, and brushing the lip gloss wand across your lips... having girlfriends, and let's not forget these things:
    Chanel, Christian Loubotin, Halston, Versace, Valentino, Hermes, DKNY, Jason Wu, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitizer, and Prada. Don't forget the Prada!

  11. I love being a gal too! Fun post.

  12. Wow!! I soooo love your blog!! It's all so pretty in here!! Loving all the white in the post! and the last picture and the tunic in it are heavenly!! :)

  13. LOVE the post!!! - that top photo of that sweater, i WANT that sweater!!! .. i'm a new follower .. hope u can stop by mine and join :o)


    ps .. would u like to trade buttons?!