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May 25, 2010

Feeling Romantic

I saw the film Letters to Juliet with my darling daughters Noel and Camila last night. I love that it is set in Southern Italy where my ancestors happen to be from. And...I love that is was romantic (silly ending though). Now I want gelato. Darn.

It inspired me to post these romantic images. My home is looking sort of boring these days. I would like the time to get more of me in it. I like the inspiration provided by these:

What inspires you? What's your style? I love modern-classic with a touch of history, but not stuffy, with a very tiny of romantic thrown into the mix. How about you, dearies?

Have an inspired week!
Muchas gracias for stopping by!
Credits: Photos from this wonderful site here


  1. beautiful romantic photos!
    I really want to watch letter to Juliet!!

  2. AnonymousMay 25, 2010

    Silvia, love all of these pics.! Just beautiful! xo

  3. Silv, so gorgeous + i am dying to see that movie. happy tues!

  4. Such a stunnig and romantic photos...I adore it! The little things inspire me:)
    Kisses my Lovely
    Muah and I hope you are having a great day:)

  5. Your description "modern-classic with a touch of history but not stuffy..." yes, that would be me too :) Love it! Beautiful pics as always. X

  6. Bonjour Silvia,
    Beautiful photos, I love the romantic touches of course!

  7. Fabulous pictures. The last one is my fave. Romantic and antique - yet fresh and modern.

  8. Wow these are absolutely beautiful and so romantic. I especially LOVE the first one. I'm seeing that movie this week. Last week's plans to see it got canceled but I'm making it happen this week for sure :)

  9. AnonymousMay 26, 2010

    Me encantan! en especial ese caballito de madera, que maravilla!

  10. Qué fotos tan bonitas y delicadas,dan ganas de ver esa película!
    feliz día!

  11. Hi Silvia! I want to see that movie me too. I saw the trailer and it must be so romantic. And I love your photos, they're really dreamy... xoxo

  12. love the rustic, romatic vibe! ...

    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  13. ooooh i love those pillow covers Silvia!!

    and your style is sooo perrfect. as for mine i think i fluctuate b/w classic and casually feminine most of the times =)


  14. Hi Silvia,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I think your blog is just my style. I love the inspirational photos and the dreamy vingettes.
    My style is very eclectic but I lean to soft tones, cottage and costal with romance thrown in.


  15. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Silvia! Your blog is gorgeous!! I am your latest follower :) These photos are so inspirational, and I love that tufted settee with the pillows on it!

  16. How deliciously romantic! All the colours so soft and pretty. Silvia I am pinching a photo from your sidebar (the table and blue chairs) for my inspirational file!!!! Promise to link back if I use it anywhere! Is that acceptable as a request do you think? Teehee

  17. Such romantic pictures! Gorgeous. I haven't seen Letters to Juliet yet, but I do want gelato now!!

    Have a lovely weekend

    :) Hazel

  18. Love all those items with the photographs on them, lovely! So vintage and romantic! I'm so happy you're back, Silvia, so nice to hear from you, we missed you! XO!

  19. In love with that antique toy horse, now that is totally my style!

  20. Hey there! I have just been checking out your blog a bit and I love it! Thanks for leaving the sweet advice on my blog, so happy to find yours!

  21. Good Morning Silvia-
    Such gorgeous eye candy, love that memo board! wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  22. these are fabulous! :) i believe we have the same style for the most part!

    i have been ACHING to go see Letters from Juliet, i cannot wait!


  23. ps i will just grab your button as well :) thanks!

  24. Welcome home Silvia! I love the images, beautiful!! Surprise giveaway on my site!!

    Art by Karena

  25. Color and pattern inspire me... I have been loving all the bold, geometric prints lately.

    Thank you for adding Simplified Bee to your blog roll! I will be adding yours too.


  26. AnonymousJune 02, 2010


    Muchas Gracias for your sweet comment on my recent awards.

    Lovely post, glad you got to see Letters to Juliet, i've been debating on whether or not I should go out to see it. Italy is actually a place I'd like to visit. Plus Gael is one of fave actors.

    I love the cute letter holder from the first image, the calendar from the second and the room from the seventh image is divine, looks like a great place to relax in.

    Hope you are having a beautiful day.

    ^-^ oxox

  27. I'm a lablewhore! Can't help it, and mine as well not lie about either!
    I am loving the romantical feeling of these pictures.
    Floral with a touch a French, really!

  28. Adore this shabby chic inspiration :)