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Apr 29, 2011

Kate's Wedding Gown, yes? no?

What did you think of Kate Middleton's wedding gown?

I loved the lace fabric used for the sleeves, really liked the neckline,
and the soft veil that allowed the beautiful and understated tiara to show through.

I thought the length of the train (12 ft) was
not too pompous and appropriate enough for a royal wedding.

 I actually loved her sister Pippa's dress. 
She looked very elegant.

There were interesting hats at the royal wedding. 
Somehow, Earl Spencer's daughters reminded me of Cinderella's step sisters. 
Those hats...were...well....interesting.

Kate's wedding gown and look was very similar to Grace Kelly's.
Don't you agree?

So..did you like Kate's look?


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  1. Overall she looked absolutely beautiful. I loved her veil. Very elegant. I wasn't crazy about the front of her dress! It wasn't what I was expecting from her. I was expecting a "wow". I think the back of her dress was probably very, very pretty - but I can't see it. I loved the length of the train. I think that was lovely and gave her a beautiful silhouette. Nothing looked as if she was competing with Diana. Yay!

  2. i think she's BEYOND gorge! - liken' the top of the dresss but the bottom is just TOO heavy for her tiny frame ... i'm not a fan of satin dresses (bottom looks like heavy satin, right?) ..

  3. Increible el parecido de el vestido de Grace Kelly con el de Kate ¿se habra inspirado el taller de Alexandre McQueen en él? La verdad es que, tanto la novia como su hermana estaban radiantes con los vestidos de este magnífico diseñador.

    Un abrazo

  4. i looooooooooooooooooooved her dress!!! i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

  5. I thought she was exquisite in every way :)

  6. I think the dress was really nice ....not so important as I've expected .

    But I've liked to see , they really in love , the atmosphere was so warm and simple .

    lovely blog ! I'll sign as follower ...come for a visit, and if you like sign back

    ciao ave

  7. i loved it!
    it was elegant chic and romantic!

  8. La verdad es que estaba muy guapa y muy fina, no me esperaba que me fuera a gustar tanto!

  9. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED HER. Diana was fabulous, but a bit too much sleeve. But Kate, well, she is stunning no matter what, and I think it was wise to keep it as simple as possible, but with the right amount of lace. What a tiny frame she AUDREY, a GRACE all rolled up into one beautiful was magic. Have a great, great day dear one! Anita

  10. I loved Kate's dress and immediately thought of the elegant dress Grace Kelly wore too. I too loved the stylish bridesmaid dress.

  11. LOVED!! Kate is so pretty she would back a paper bag look beautiful. I bet there will be many knock offs of this gown. I hope that she is happy, it's gotta be tough marrying into the royal family and all it requires. xo

  12. I loved it as I loved every moment of the wedding, so romantic..a dream!!

  13. I thought Kate looked stunning! Very classic, romantic and elegant. I thought the dress really suited her style.

  14. I loved her gown! She was simply stunning! She is simply the epitome of class, sophistication and elegance. Prince William was wise, I think she'll handle the difficult life of a royal quite well.

  15. Oh, Silvia, it was a fairytale wedding! And her dress was perfect, also her evening dress! I also loved Pippa's dress...very elegant!!! Have a beautiful Sunday!

    xx Kristin

  16. Yes, Yes, Yes all the way!!!

  17. I think she looked great! And it really does look like Grace Kelly's.

  18. She was a perfect blend of traditionally old and keeping it true to modern day fairy tales as well. She was HRH for sure!! XO, Kelly