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Apr 6, 2011


When I look at the images below, 
I feel the same effect as when I look at a Rembrandt painting.

The light not only highlights a certain aspect of the room, 
but it also casts a soft, very appealing glow that, 
at least for me, 
creates feelings of serenity, happiness, and comfort.

What kind of ambiance does lighting create in your home?



Credits: images 1, 2, and 3; 4; 5, 8, and 9; 6; 7; 10.


  1. i LOVE natural light - when i renovated my house - EVERY SINGLE light switch has a dimmer - i LOVE dim lights to relax

  2. Beautiful Silvia...light is so important in a house. Natural light by day and light by lamps in the evening. Soft light is best for relaxing in our home :)

    Jeanne xx

  3. A professional translator! What a fantastic job! I love languages too, and I would really love to learn Italian!!! Lucky you :) Beautiful images btw!!

    Kristin xx

  4. El juego y efectos de la luz y los ambientes elgidos, un 10¡¡¡

  5. Oh the beauty of natural light! I try to keep my home as bright as possible. My work desk is also situated near a South facing window so I can absorb all of that warmth, beauty and serenity. :)

  6. Natural, relajante...adorables los espacios!

  7. Ambiance....a word I use on a daily basis! I drive my husband crazy b/c I'm always turning on the lights, picture light, lighting candles in rooms no one is even in.

    I think the room should be "ready"....for whomever might come along.

    xoxo Elizabeth

  8. Wow these are simply stunning! Wonderful.

  9. EACH IMAGE IS A DREAM and I love each one. Oh Silvia, I can't keep up with everyone's beautiful blogs, but I just had to run over..this is splendid!!! Anita

  10. que maravilla, Silvia, me encantan todas estas fotos, no sé cual de estos rincones prefiero. Ah, y gracias por visitarme! un abrazo

  11. OMGosh sooo important. The house we are renting has copper lining on the windows. so the house is like a cave. I can't get good pictures, i have to have the light on all year my bill is high... I think a house is aaaaaalive with lighting !
    Beautiful posts !

  12. Breathtaking and dreamy images!! How beautiful!