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Apr 1, 2011

Fresh and Simple White

I don't think I could personally do rooms that are all white.
I would be going nuts trying to add pops of color here and there.

That's why I truly admire those wonderful women who can keep 
a home in white and make it look amazing.

Aren't these rooms calming and refreshing?

How do you feel about white for your home?

Have a lovely weekend, loves.



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  1. Ho I wish I could do just a room in my house like this (all white)...and have it stay clean lol.

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  2. Beautiful and calming! I love white!

  3. i love all of these images so much! you have such a fabulous blog!

  4. They're all gorgeous. I just love the cabinetry in the bathroom (last photo). All-white rooms do look beautiful. Rachaelxx

  5. I LOVE IT! I have shifted towards more white, but I do have gray and some turquoise to give it some texture...oh Silvia, these are gorgeous images! AND YOU ARE IN the pot for a chance at my little wand. THANK YOU!!!! Have a grand evening! Lovingly, Anita

  6. Hi dear! I like the idea of a white house, but I'm sure I could never be able to live without colours!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  7. I'm with you...
    I love colors too much,
    I'm sure to miss them.
    But I love looking at white on white interiors...

  8. I love every one of these pictures....and so appreciate the design. At my house though....color reigns.....a little her, a little more there!

    I think after a very white winter....I'm ready for the color of Spring!

  9. gorgeous. i just love the fresh crisp look of all these pictures. absolutely no chance in my home these days. I do try to keep my bedroom as white and clear as possible - but as for the rest of the house - one day!

  10. Oh, how cool and refreshing this looks! The charming atmosphere makes me want to move right in to that setting.

  11. Beautiful and calming! I love white soooo much!

  12. I love white both inside and outside so I enjoyed these pics.Fiona

  13. I have a... 16 year old man-child. A cat that's insanely obese - 3 dogs and I'm a mess...

    Plus - white just wouldn't work with my brain well at all. ;-D

    BUT! I completely ADMIRE those strong women who can pull it off in their homes!!! Do you think any of them are looking for a dog?

    ;-D xoxo