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Apr 19, 2011

Guest Post: by Arcadian Lighting

We love simple changes that have big design results. 
There are many accent and accessory purchases (such as desk lamps
that can have a big impact on a room for not a lot of money. 
If you have a tiny or no budget, consider some great DIY projects 
that cost almost nothing but can change the look and feel of your room.

Here are eight quick and simple changes you can do this week:
Pillows (via)

Add throw pillows to your bed or couch for an instant makeover. 
You can make pillows if you have simple sewing skills.

Lamps (via)

Buy a new lamp or pair of table lamps for your room and 
your space will feel transformed. 
Lighting makes a huge impact on a space. 
If you have no budget, shop your house for lamps you can switch around.
Paint (via)

The workhorse of design, paint can transform not only our walls 
but furniture, frames, accessories and floors.
Lampshades (via)

If you love your light fixtures, consider changing out the shades or 
adding ribbon trim to the edges to make them feel custom.
Hardware (via)

Change out the hardware on your cabinets, bathroom vanity 
or furniture to instantly change the look of the piece.
Instant Wall Art (via)

Frame wallpaper or fabric for instant wall art. 
Bye bye boring wall!
Customize Table Linens (via)

Cloth napkins and placemats can easily be changed with a DIY project. 
Stamp, embroider, or monogram plain napkins.
Tea Towels (via)

Tea towels can add big impact to a kitchen. 
Look for tea towels in bright colors and bold patterns to add pizzazz to your kitchen.
Curtains (via)

Switching out curtains for new ones is another simple change that won't break the budget. 
If you like your existing curtains think about adding a trim or ribbon to the edge or hem.

Content provided by Arcadian Lighting
a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. 

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Hello loves, Arcadian Lighting provided the content for this guest post today.
Hope you enjoyed it!



  1. Loving those lace curtains! And just bought 2 turquoise lamps very similar to the ones you posted here for our master...hoping to reveal them sometime soon! :)

  2. LOVE love love the yellow dresser - gorgeous - and gorgeous blog. Following you now - would love it if you come and see me sometime - hopefully you'll like what i do and follow me too :O)
    A xx


    Oh thank you for coming to visit! And yes, we have SIMILAR if not IDENTICAL TASTES! This blue of ours, it will always enchant us as NATURE has captured it so beautifully in the sky and the sea. What can be more lovely than to relax and take in the fresh breeze alone or with great friends and just marvel at the magic of life. May you have a great evening, thank you for your sweet spirit, and what a beautiful post here! There is so much to create and do, so much to keep us HAPPY!


  4. Oh - NOW I want to add lace to my chair cushions. ALL of my chair cushions.

    ;-D xoxoxo

  5. It's the little details that really can take your decor to the next level. Love all of these doable little changes!!

    xo Elizabeth

  6. Such a great idea to add ribbon around lamp shades. Give it an instant re-vamp!

  7. Silvia those are all great ideas to add personality to a room! Love the concept of framing fabric, I want to give it a try!

    Happy Easter my friend!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  8. totalmente de acuerdo , pequeños cambios y preciosos resultados.

  9. Cute things. I really like the lamp and the yellow piece.