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Mar 5, 2013

Yesterday meets today

It is interesting for me to notice that as we grow older, some of us learn to appreciate 
and are drawn back to the very things we wanted to run away from when we were young(er).

A lot of what I considered old or ordinary, I now see as charming and relaxing...
almost as necessary. 

 For instance, our darling elderly neighbor Mar√≠a had moved with her children to another city.
The little home she had left was right next door to my parents' and she asked them to 
watch the house while she was away for the springs and summers.
My friends and I would use the tiny rundown home to play house while my parents 
gathered pomegranates, kumquats, and tangerines before they'd fall to the ground and go to waste.

 I still remember the beautiful wisteria vines that cascaded off the porch. 
Their fragrance was deliciously intoxicating. 

 Yet as a little girl, I thought the place was all quite gloomy and depressing. 
I wanted luxurious, elegant, and grand. 

Now, it seems that the changes I make to my home lately,
are a poor attempt to imitate the atmosphere I enjoyed when
being around that elderly woman's home.

This image I saw on Pinterest last week reminds me of that place...


And these, remind me of my grandma´s home.
She was Italian.
In her patio, under the shade of overgrown trees, 
the very large family would gather for the long Sunday lunches.
Pasta, pasta, and more pasta.

  I bet that you can close your eyes right now,
and for a moment remember something that brings you peace.
A memory of a place that made you feel home.

Wherever that place is, I hope you can go back to it, even if just only in your thoughts.

Be good to yourself.
Celebrate being alive today.




  1. what an amazing post....I "get" every single word and love your photos to bring it all together!!!

  2. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog - I am following you too - I can see that we like many of the same things. Greetings from South Africa! x Sharon